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For real heroes, the Hero Zero Megastore is available on this link.

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Acting as an enabler for games studios, European Games Group works together with independent minded games developers from anywhere in the world to market and scale up their games worldwide. Its current games include the successful cross-platform browser game Hero Zero by Playata , the cross-platform mobile game Tasty Tale and the fashion mobile game Fancy Tale by Sublinet as well as the cross-platform browser game Big Bang Empire by Playata. Currently, there are more upcoming games in the market-testing stage. For more information please visit www.

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Ok No Privacy policy. Covering Euripides to Monty Python, Roman soldiers to the modern military, this volume offers the reader a chance to think about the changing notion of the hero and recognise heroic qualities throughout western culture.

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Other research interests include Greek and Latin concepts of courage, African-American and Caribbean classical scholarship and classical historiography. She studied Classics at Cambridge, also taking an MPhil there specialising in Ancient Literature and reception, before teaching in boarding schools. Other research interests include Neo-Latin literature, theological Greek, Classics and education, alongside music and Greek tragedy more widely.

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Some of the rich people that we have today, who have everything are hypocrites and referred to as zero. Why is it like this? The reason for this is because they refuse to endure or overlook everything, as they prefer to do a little help and wait for a lifetime honour over the little help they rendered. The truth is that those with good heart are only those who can be referred to as a hero.

It does not matter who you are or the type of person you are, but your ability and kind heart will ignite that giant in you. I remember the story of a young man who was devoted to helping the weak to do what they can not do alone; at cafeteria he became friend with a dog as he offered his whole chicken to the dog on the first day they met, and share in other days; assisting the old and making them feel alive again, giving his last everyday as arms to the hopeless who took street begging as the only medium to survive.

One day, he passed through the street as usually and on getting to a place where he do regularly give a mother and her daughter arms all for him to discover that the little girl was absent; as he tried to ask after the little girl, then he heard the voice of a young girl from behind, and when he turned, lo, it was the daughter of the beggar in a school uniform. The little commitments of this young man gave hope to these people which made him a hero that they all wait for to see everyday.

Now you testify that you also can be a hero too, you can take over your world today to become a memorable significant person in this generation.

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Wake up today and discover your qualities as a game player by becoming a source of joy to others continuously than looking unto some people who are not ready and willing to help anyone, as they see you as a liability in which they are. Make use of the little you have to wipe tears of others today and let your ability grow as your liability ends and transfer that disability to the thoughtless greedy one, but do not look at the pain you undergo to make these sacrifices.

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NOTE Do not say that you can not afford to suffer unbearable pain and encounter negative life for anyone. You are the light they need in their darkness, do not lose you destiny as the light of your generation, as your good deeds of today become an investment for your tomorrow.!

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