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By Aaron Pacitti. Boredom, an unassuming emotion, may have a larger impact than we think.

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By Bahar Gholipour. Fear of Terrorism and a Muddling of Judgment. I hope we don't have to go down that slope of hatred and divisiveness for much longer. And I hope that we can possibly get. By Carol Smaldino. Media discussions immediately focus on the psychology and motivations of the killers. What leads someone to murder massively and randomly? Or are they mentally ill? By Allen Frances, M.

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Are Religious and Political Extremists Crazy? Jumping to a fake mental disorder diagnosis in everyone who is violent has another serious downside.

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It unfairly stigmatizes the mentally ill, most of whom are not violent. Newsletter Sign Up. The Morning Email helps you start your workday with everything you need to know: breaking news, entertainment and a dash of fun.

Subscribe here. The horrific events that took place Friday should make America finally think differently about the NRA. It should not be silenced -- that would un-American -- but it must be marginalized, pushed to the far fringes, drowned out by the voices of the majority of Americans who desperately desire gun sanity.

Walmart Wages, Does Obama Love America? Violent Extremism

By Will Bunch. Saleem H. Ali, visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center, argues for curriculum reform at madrassas as well as international support for such programs. For instance, he says indirect U. Douglas M. In September , the U. While the bill does not earmark a specific amount for education, it is authorized to provide assistance in educational reform including programs for "development of modern, nationwide school curriculums for public, private, and religious schools" and "support for the oversight of all educational institutions, including religious schools.

However, concerns remain in how best to disburse the aid money for maximum impact. Some experts say a large portion of development assistance is spent on international consultants and overhead costs. Most worry that the Pakistani government, with its poor record on transparency and distribution of aid, is an ineffective partner. Lack of coordination between the central government and the local authorities who are in charge of implementing educational reforms adds to the problem.

CFR Senior Fellow Isobel Coleman says international donors must work with local partners to assist in educational reform. An increasing number of experts point to the growth of low-cost private schools that are generally more efficient than public schools and recommend boosting the private sector to help reform the system. Public-private partnership models are also recommended.

Angle of Descent, Part IV -- How the Collective Unconscious Strikes Back Through Individuals

Fair says understanding parental choice is critical for any meaningful educational reform. She writes many parents opt out of the educational market rather than send their children to madrassas for full-time instruction. In other cases, stipends can help to encourage parents to send their children to school when incentives other than quality of education are a determinant in enrollment. There are already some ongoing efforts in this regard. The World Bank started a program in of paying a stipend to families to ensure they send their daughters to school.

Other institutions like Canadian nonprofit International Development and Relief Foundation have also partnered with nongovernmental organizations such as the Zindagi Trust to set up programs to encourage education among working children by paying them stipends as a supplement to their daily wages. Tilting at More than Windmills in South Asia. Haass August 14, Backgrounder by Jonathan Masters August 12, In Brief by Brad W.

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Setser August 8, Women and Economic Growth. Skip to main content. Backgrounder Current political and economic issues succinctly explained. We are using targeted advertising to marry the two. The tech firm employs thousands of people to fight abuse while social media site Twitter has banned hundreds of thousands of accounts. In the wake of the attack in Barcelona yesterday that left 13 dead and injured and Britain's third major attack in three months, in which seven were killed and 48 were injured, 21 critically, Theresa May called on governments across the world to form international agreements to prevent the spread of extremism online.

Las Ramblas after a vehicle mounted the pavement and drove towards crowds.

Queen’s Speech 2015: what it means for you

The online giants are taking their first steps to tackle extremism in a bid to fight back against extremists using online platforms to recruit and radicalise. Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter teamed up last year to create a shared database of images and videos that are produced by or support radical organisations.


Meanwhile, Youtube removes any video that has hateful content or incites violence, and its software prevents the video from ever being reposted. In , YouTube removed 92 million videos, one percent were removed for terrorism or hate speech violations.