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With a self-described history of giving up on things and taking the easy way out Clarry is surprised to find herself deep in danger and intrigue when she agrees to help her best friend Laura find out if her new beau is pursuing Laura for the right reasons. What starts out as a few phone calls, stakeouts, and a small masquerade quickly takes Clarry deep into the criminal underworld where murder, fraud, and trafficking are the name of the game.

I really enjoyed Clarry as a protagonist. She was multifaceted and entertaining. I loved her sense of humor as well as her courage and compassion. However she was also very impulsive and often did not think through a plan before throwing herself into situations. Needless to say this led her into a number of sticky and quite dangerous situations. The supporting cast of characters really gave a lot to the story as well through their diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and general life circumstances. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of social commentary in the book on issues ranging from sexism, class differences, body image, and race.

My only bit of criticism regarding this was that I often felt that these points were made by telling the reader what the point was, rather than showing it through character interactions and expressions. Overall this book was a great mystery read that found the balance between keeping the reader guessing, while still giving enough clues that they felt they might have an idea of what was to come.

Oct 05, Elena Alvarez Dosil rated it liked it. Clarry is a 26 year-old waitress who has reached a dead-end in her life. Without real aspirations, she is not sure how she will do at adulting, until her friend Laura helps her to find her true passion: private investigator.

Laura has a new boyfriend, but she suspects he is only interested in her to advance his career. Clarry is assigned the mission of investigating Simon, but what she uncovers is a bigger deal than what she signed up for. This book was a pleasant surprise. I agree that at the beginning it feels like a cozy mystery, but unlike similar American books, which are usually mild, this British counterpart is gripping, intense, and on edge.

I like both manifestations of the genre, and I enjoyed the several twists we encounter along the way. Even though it is mentioned that Clarry is 26 years old, somehow she and her friends seem older, around thirty-something. Their actions, environment, and life, in general, gave me this feeling. The story is divided into two clear parts, which could have been two separate books.

The first is about Simon, and Clarry trying to find out his real intentions towards Laura, the second is much darker, and although it did not feel very realistic at times, I enjoyed the turn the story took.

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The characters were quite enjoyable, although Dyson did not really get into detail regarding their personalities. Clarry is the most developed one of them all, as she is the main character. Somehow, I think developing this character a bit more, and maybe making her join Clarry at times, would have helped the dynamics of the story.

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I had big issues regarding the narration though. Jemma Churchill poured her heart onto the narration, and her interpretations were very expressive but I felt she overacted most of the time. The recording and audio production were not good, I am afraid. The narration is full of breathing and very loud swallowing noises that were very distracting and disturbing. There were also several noticeable audio edits, and silences without ambiance noise, which made them too conspicuous. Another minor detail was the end of chapter pauses, which were too short.

One additional second there would have created a better rhythm. I hope her technique and audio production skills will improve, as I think she has talent to deliver good character interpretations. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Sep 01, Cameron rated it really liked it.

I would say that my thoughts on this books were mixed. I really enjoyed it. No doubt about that. The story were engaging and had so many twists and turns. The characters were likeable. Some scenes were very tense and had me reading on and on. However, after finishing the book, I come away with both questions and criticisms. Despite liking it so much.

There were points were I felt it wasn't realistic. In one scene the main character forgot to take a flash light when breaking into a house. I am not I would say that my thoughts on this books were mixed. I am not saying I have experience in this activity, but a flash light seems an obvious thing to bring. In the same scene she leaves her keys on the hall table of the house!

Besides the fact that you can see the obvious plot device that it will lead to, I couldn't believe she would be so stupid. Why would you put your keys down on a table of a house you just broke into? Obviously when they leave they forget to pick up the keys and you think, "oh no. What are they going to do? You would have thought it would have been used as a huge plot device, completely altering the direction the story has to go in.

There are quite a number of subplots going on within this story and sometimes it is hard to keep track of it all. Especially the different characters who are connected in one way or another. Would I recommend this book? It is really good fun with all the cheekyness only a female writer could write.

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Sep 25, Becky Baldridge rated it it was ok. To say that this book was not for me would be an understatement. I found it unnecessarily wordy and rambling, and to be honest, the beginning of the story was a bit boring. It does take a dark turn, and the subject matter is quite serious, which was unexpected given the tone of the story.

I think that's where this one completely lost me. The book has a cozy mystery feel to it, which doesn't work well with the serious turn it takes. I appreciate wit, sarcasm, and humor and maybe it's because I co To say that this book was not for me would be an understatement. I appreciate wit, sarcasm, and humor and maybe it's because I couldn't connect with the character, but for whatever reason, I just didn't find Clarry particularly witty.

In fact, I didn't find many of the characters remotely likable. I did make it through to the end, but given my feelings for this one, I think it's safe to say that I won't be continuing the series. The title is clever as I was expecting a chick lit style book, but in actual fact it was a gripping mystery read, with quite a sinister storyline, unlike what the title would lead you to believe. The main character, Clarry, was the perfect heroine in this story. She was funny and courageous, and quite often put herself in some rather scary situations due to not thinking before acting.

May 16, Karen Rubins-Lawrie rated it really liked it. I quite enjoyed this, it wasn't at all what I was expecting although the darker twists at the end felt a little rushed and glided over. A few clumsy spelling and grammar issues got the better of me though, as well as a point about someone having served national service but being far to young to have done so. I could really relate to the main character, she was likable and fun and I look forward to getting to know her more as the series continues. Sep 01, Rachel rated it really liked it. I loved this book and finished it in a day sat by the pool on holiday!

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Clarry is such a relatable character and the story manages to be both gritty and realistic but also fun and entertaining. I'm looking forward to the next one but I think this is definitely one I'll re-read. Aug 07, Nikki Redding rated it really liked it. This is her first book and I was pleasantly surprised.

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Sep 18, Janettef rated it really liked it. Enjoyed Clarry as the heroine and the story was very interesting. Not quite the fluff I imagined but very readable non the less. May 15, Sue rated it it was amazing. Absolutely fab book, loved the characters and the writing flowed beautifully. Absolutely cannot wait for book two x. Women instinctively recognise it and the suggestion of threat that can lie beneath its surface. When Clarry's best friend Laura asks her to find out if her boyfriend is cheating on her, Clarry gets a little too involved, and finds herself in real danger.

When she discovers some deep dark secrets that the Greek community were hiding, Clarry, turned private investigator, has to switch to the tenable instincts she has as a woman; her survival depends on it. Sounds like a warm, fuzzy crime series, right? I read the synopsis and thought it would be a bit of a bad ass chick lit, woman supporting woman style. Instead, it went from a girl asking her best friend to find out if her boyfriend is cheating on her, into an unforeseen escalation of a horrifically detailed Greek mafia sex trafficking ring.

To say I wasn't expecting that would be the understatement of the year. It's actually interesting how the author has dictated this; when I saw that the cover looked fun, and read the synopsis of a girl asking her best mate to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her, I immediately assumed it would be a light and fluffy read.

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However, I didn't particularly like this novel, and not because of how it threw me off, I was not intrinsically immersed into this novel, even when the story would dip into gruesome paroxysms that I wasn't expecting, I felt like the story was long-winded, it was a bit lustreless in its depth, and my ambivalent feelings after finishing the novel meant that I wasn't sure if I had enjoyed it or not. Although, there was some positive body image activism thrown into these pages; which are welcome to my reading eyes. It was one of my favourite parts of this novel.

Clarry is an unconventional heroine to say the least, but the way the author depicts her - and other female characters - is inspiring to any woman. What do you like to do when you are not writing? And I love to cook. Really talking. Sharing laughter and swapping stories but also not being afraid to open up and confide worries and concerns. A little food, a little wine…a lot of comfort. Where would you go, and what eavesdropping would you do?

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