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Jazz up kids' lunches or your holiday table with these fun food ideas for creative and colorful sandwiches, pancakes, snacks and sweets. Pre-made cookies, candies and chocolates—and even marshmallow Peeps!—make an easy and effective topper for cakes. Send your kids off to class.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Hare and The Tortoise - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 4) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Hare and The Tortoise - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 4) book. Happy reading The Hare and The Tortoise - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 4) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Hare and The Tortoise - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 4) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Hare and The Tortoise - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 4) Pocket Guide.

The other titles from this series include books for adults or for kids and teenagers - in corresponding levels to new HSK There is 1 MP3-CD included in the set. It includes 10 essays, including self-introduction, interesting episodes, personal life and thinking. After reading this book, students can read basic and simple Chinese materials closely related to personal and daily life and students can understand the basic meanings of common words and simple sentences. It takes a broader perspective and bears a strong readability, brimming with vitality and childishness.

They will also learn to use familiar characters, words and sentences to answer the questions. ISBN: This series of books has been compiled with reference to the US Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, selecting 8 topics that best represent Chinese culture involving festivals, conventions, arts, etc. This series of books is a valuabl The story is told using concise language and fantastic illustrations.

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A wordlist is provided for the story in the book, and small exercises and a passage for extended reading are provided after the story to help students to do self-evaluations and teachers to conduct classroom activities. A free CD-ROM included narrates the story, the passage for extended reading and the wordlist in the book. There are stories about the life of modern teenagers, classical works, myths, legends, idiom stories and so on, which enable students to learn Chinese characters and words better, improve their Chinese competence and enhance their understanding of the Chinese culture while enjoying the joy of reading.

ISBN: Chinese Idioms about Dragons and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level words Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about dragons using concise language and fantastic illustrations.

language - China Books and Periodicals -

A wordlist is provided for the story in each book, and small exercises and a passage for extended reading are provided after the story to help students to do self-evaluations and teachers to conduct classroom activities. ISBN: Chinese Idioms about Hares and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level words Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about snakes using concise language and fantastic illustrations. ISBN: The White Snake is an intermediate-level words Chinese reader which tells the love story of the white snake and Xu Xian using concise language and fantastic illustrations.

ISBN: The River Snail Maiden is an intermediate-level words Chinese reader which tells the love story about a young lady who is actually a river snail. ISBN: The Butterfly Lovers is an intermediate-level words Chinese reader which tells the love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai using concise language and fantastic illustrations. ISBN: The Tears of Meng Jiangnu is an intermediate-level words Chinese reader which tells the story about a woman called Meng Jiangnu who went to see her husband thousands of miles away, found him dead and cried so bitterly that the Great Wall collapsed.

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ISBN: Liu Yi Delivers the Letter is an intermediate-level words Chinese reader which tells the story about how a scholar called Liu Yi sent a letter for the Dragon Princess, saved the Princess and fell in the love with her. ISBN: , , , Chinese Humorous Stories is an after-school reading supplemented to the Chinese textbooks for beginners or those who have some basic knowledge of Chinese.

The book covers a wide range of materials selected from books, websites, magazines, newspapers, radio programs and even desk calendars. Journey to The West. Creation of the Gods [Fengshen Bang]. History Speaks - The New Dao. It is designed for learners of Chinese language at the elementary or intermediate level and foreigners who are interested in classical Chinese poetry and Chinese landscape painting.

ISBN: Chinese Idioms about Snakes and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level words Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about snakes using concise language and fantastic illustrations. ISBN: Chinese Idioms about Tigers and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level words Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about tigers using concise language and fantastic illustrations. ISBN: Chinese Idioms about Horses and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level words Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about horses using concise language and fantastic illustrations.

The selected 15 popular folk tales and historical stories are well-matched with new words, explanations of language points and cultural background, exercises, key to exercises etc, among which the texts, new words, explanations of language points and introductions to the background all have the corresponding English explanations to help students enlarge their vocabulary and understand Chinese culture in a pleasant way.

Hanyu Pinyin runs parallel to the reading texts in simplified Chinese. ISBN: , The Analects of Confucius with Illustrations is an extracurricular book designed for foreigners to learn The Analects of Confucius as well as the thoughts and deeds of Confucius. This set of two book includes a complete version of The Analects of Confucius, and represents and interprets every sentence in it with lively illustrations. It is an ideal cultural reader for foreigners who are learning Chinese. This complete version consists of volume 1 and 2 - the complete series with all 20 chapters of The Analects of Confucius.

Thunder God [Lei Gong Chuan]. ISBN: , , , This set with intermediate and advanced level culture readers includes 4 books with 4 CD-Roms. Simple reading materials with pictures introducing general information about China. A large numbers of beautiful pictures with brief descriptive passages.

With Chinese phonetic spelling, Pinyin, English translation and narrations both in Chinese and English. ISBN: , , , This is another book of fairy tales about five buses after the publication of Bus Adventures. Set By Wenzi Kafei. The Childrens Bedtime Stories set has collected 48 of China and the Worlds most famous and interesting chil- dren stories that is perfect for bedtime reading. Many of them are the ones you read growing up.

The stories are Never too young to start reading! This set of four pic- written in a simple and easy to follow language and are ture-and-word books designed for the toddlers will daz- beautifully illustrated. Your children will be inspired to zle them with bringht and colorful pictures of animals, read on their own as you make it a habit of reading to plants and things from the four seasons. This is a gift for their life. Set By Marq Spusta By Bao Dong Ni An uplifting story about two best friends, Isaac and James, and their dis- covery of the cause and effect relation- ship between our cit- ies storm drains and the worlds oceans, lakes and rivers.

It is sure to inspire both young and adult readers alike and teach a timeless life lesson--If we all do our part, a cleaner, safer environ- ment is indeed within our reach. Chinese version of a Story time for the young adventurers! Year of the Tiger NEW! Despite his parents class, she thinks getting a warnings, a princely cub black belt will be easy. But befriends a human, the girl her bold teacher says guess Su. But can Teddy prove again! As reality doesnt the jungle is big enough for match her expectations, Julie both man and beast? The wonders what would her mat- fifth book in the popular inee idol Brandy Wu do?

Brij Kothari, BookBox Stories come alive and helps children improve reading skills at the same time. Using sci- entifically tested SLS same language subtitling , children will be able to improve their listening comprehension, reading skill and foreign lan- guage skills through fun enchanting holiday stories and stories around the world. A portion of the proceeds is to support literacy for billions through PlanetRead, a non-profit organization.

English, Chinese with English, Chinese Subtitiles. Approximately 30 minutes. Features 3 stories. Celebrating Chinese New The award-winning interac- Year: An Activity Book is tive language experience is a fun-filled craft, activity now available in Mandarin. You can sing along to vocabulary- make a dragon parade, building songs; page through a paper lantern, Chinese a glossy, full-color book with candy box and red lucky en- pictures of words from the velopes hongbao following CD.

Her friend, Pandy the panda, teaches her about Chinese culture and language.

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  • Each book comes with its own CD to help with spoken Mandarin. Filled with vibrant watercolors, pastels and colored-pen- cil illustrations, this 8-volume set is perfect for young readers who are ready to write Chinese. Each story is writeen in simplified Chinese with pinyin pronunciation. At the end of each book there are writing lessons based on particular radicals.

    Sold as a set or individually. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, What Time Is It? Filled with many wonderful watercolors, pastels and col- ored-pencil illustrations, this volume storybook set is a perfect bedtime reader. The end of each book also includes a few pages of fun parent-child exercises. This delightful 8-book series looks at each of its sub- jects in an amusing historical and scientific perspective. Colorful illustrations, fun facts and to-do activities are included with each story that truly make reading these a delight.

    Recognize different shapes and objects while learning Chinese! On the left side of each page, there are images to compare to, and on the right a trigger question or poem. Ages 2 and above. Basic level of Chinese. Shapes 48 pages each. Bao Bei, the lovable panda puppet and Chu Chu the cricket teach Mandarin Chinese in a fun and entertaining manner that encourages learning.

    Learn the names of all the Animals in Chinese

    The DVD is designed around color- ful and familiar toys that children enjoy. Mulan, unwilling to see The worlds best-known boy wizard casts his spells here her aged and frail father in simplified Chinese. A great gift for advanced students fighting in a war, disguises of Chinese, native speakers or anyone wanting to know herself as a man and joins the word for quidditch in Mandarin.

    For Peoples Literature Press, - - 6 x 9 the next ten years she shows remarkable skill as a warrior and becomes a famous general. Pan Asian Publications, 7 min. And why does Harry Potter and the Order the rat come first? Traditional zanar War Relocation Chinese only. Both recount East West Discovery Press, their painful experienc- - 8 x 11 es in letters to each other. Traditional Chinese only. In this delightful update Follow the adventures of of a classic Chinese Little Tiger in this board folk tale, each sister book with fun and beauti- must use her talent in ful pull-up flaps.

    Chinas Best Chldrens Poems Handsomely illustrated collections of short childrens poems, one poem to a page. Great for Reading aloud in the classroom or at home. What kind of picture books can be read upside down and right side up? Originally published in Japan, these uniquely formatted books are not only cute and colorful, but push a childs imagination on the way books can be read.

    Writ- ten in a bilingual format, which makes reading along with children fun and easy. China Electric Press, 6 x 6. Zuo Shen Me? This color book, with simple, step-by-step instruc- tions will teach you how to make over Chinese papercuts. Jilin Art Press, - 7 X 6. Topics range from greed, teamwork and determination to believing The Moon Maiden in oneself.

    Each book has three stories, including the Edited by Hua Long title story, presented in vibrant full-color and energetic animation. Perfect for studying Chinese! And with posi- tive messages too!

    Chinese Children's Books & Chinese Mandarin Movies

    Widely popu- lar with schools and libraries. Asiapac Books, - 6 x 8. More than of Confucius Learn Chinese history in a nut- quotations from the Analects shell with this easy-to-read re- are printed here in Chinese, pin- cord of imperial China. Even yin and English. I wonder what history is not boring in a comic Confucius will say. Additional from, the perfect speed course features on Confucius life, to cover thousands of years of achievements and influence. Why is the Dragon year so pop- Secrets of the Chinese palace ular for having children?

    Are have been unveiled. Meet the people born in the Year of the many emperors, empresses, Pig naturally lazy? Read this imperial concubines, eunuchs and you might just find your- and others that have altered the self charting a course of action course of history hiding in the based on your animal instinct great halls and buildings of the for the next 12 years. Acclaimed for his thinker Confucius and his brilliant depiction of the disciples.

    His teachings Chinese American experi- continue to have a huge in- ence, Yang interweaves fluence on China and East three seemingly disparate Asia today. This book ex- stories into one, detail- plains Confucius' thoughts ing the specific trials and and philosophy in an easy tribulations of the Chinese way with the help of lavish American Diaspora. This illustration. Find out in- in the Mountain of Flow- teresting and little known ers and Fruit, and how facts.

    For example, did you he acquired his magical know that Guan Yin started powers and used them for out as a male bodhisattva? Read and find Illustrated by Chang Book out more! Jimi Comics Check out these dark and sophisticated picture-books by Jimi, whose cynical, postmodern styles has grown wildly popular in China among teen and adults. Ages ten and above. Intermediate to advanced levels of Chinese. Wanwan has since become very popular in Taiwan and a marketing force to be reckoned with. Ages 12 and up. Dark humor at its best, the This autobiographical tale of adolescent protagonist plans growing up in an idyllic Yun- so hard to kill the one girl nan country town is full of the who wont give him the time same verve, playful drawings of day, but guess who comes and favorite pot-bellied pig to his care when he ends up in found in Zhus Mata volumes.

    Hilariy ensues. Invaluable family and sce- Ages 14 and above. Interme- nic photos are mixed in with diate Chinese level. Zhus colorful artwork. Follow Zhang's office signer shades and a death antics along with his fellow wish. Two volumes-in-one. Nie Taiwanese slackers now Jun uses drawings and have a male face. Bo- anything: love, job, and nus volume Buleson is a house keys.

    Ages 12 and pen-and-ink rendering of above. Elementary level of the adventures of a blind Chinese. Showing a side of China daily life: work, school, apart- rarely depicted in the West, ment hunting etc. Ages 13 this book pulses with rhythm and above. Elementary level of new urban Chinese youth. Ages 10 and above. The story of Ao Di turns dark Focusing on modern rela- and poignant as she experi- tionships between young ences death, loss and filial people, mixed with mythi- love, all part of growing up.

    Comes have ever seen before. Ages with a free postcard and two 13 and above. Intermediate bookmarks. Ages 14 and level of Chinese. Intermediated level New World Press, - of Chinese. The infamous Cu Liu Zu se- Full of "Chinese Goth" style ries features short vignettes illustrations, these stories about young hipsters falling tell of the Puppet Doll and in and out of love.

    As you her adventures in a cha- read about these cartoon otic rock-and-roll world. Elemen- with each other, be warned: tary level of Chinese. By Li Qiang By Yang Xuede Afanti is a Uigur folk hero, A young boy growing up in constantly in and out of trou- Hong Kong's housing proj- ble before always managing to ects in the 's tells come out on top, by using wit about his life and the people and humor. Ages 8 and above. The complex Beginning to intermediate lev- story and stunning illustra- els of Chinese. Ages 13 and above. This format has proven ex- tremely popular for these iconic works of Chinese literature.

    Each set includes a historical guide, insider informa- tion on the author, and tips on reading each novel. Foreign Languages Press, 4 x 7. A bold, brigand army, full of A startling and unsparing view larger-than-life haohan heroes , of the Han Dynasty intrigue battles against corrupt and ty- showing how power is wielded, rannical rulers, much like Robin diplomacy is conducted and Hood and his merry men. Never shying from frank sexual- The novel that introduced Chi- ity and bawdy humor, this multi- nas most popular mis-chievous, tiered love story is a sensuous mythical character, the Monkey saga of the self-destructoin King who helps, and often hin- of a rich and powerful family.

    Huang By Wang Anyi. Author, translator, and pro- Seven stories that traverse fessor Harry J. Huang pres- the social climate of the ents over selections, in- s in Shanghai with cluding ten ancient stories, vivid accuracy and period in an excellent anthology of detail. A good introduction this distinct, to-the-point, to the face of contemporary narrative form. Chinese womens writing. Foreign Languages Press, - 5 x 8. Chinese export porcelain For centuries, Western writers, evokes images of rare trea- historians, and intellectuals sures gracing the stately rooms have been fascinated by China.

    In this book, Shirley influenced literature, memoir, Ganse situates Chinese export and travel writing from vague porcelain amid the intersection Roman tales of silent silk mer- of art and commerce on a glob- chants and Medieval travelers al scale, while at the same time such as Marco Polo, to Jesuit telling the remarkable human explorers, French poets, the story of the craftspeople who Bloomsbury Group, and eyewit- helped shape Chinas artistic traditions. What emerges ness accounts of war by Martha Gellhorn, Christopher is a vibrant portrait of global art and a must-have book Isherwood, and J.

    What emerges is a fascinat- for lovers of Chinese art. China in the Movies - NEW! In a story of the famed "Fourth-Genera- almost forgotten to history, tion" and "Fifth-Generation" Gullys exhaustive research film directors. Since then, delves into the personal lives Chinese film has expanded of these women, uncovering and developed, both in terms their fascinating personal- of artistic style and in closer itites, loves, passions, and scrutiny of the lives and cul- above all their overwhelm- tural scope depicted.

    This ing sense of patriotism and has created a prospect of unprecedented wealth and duty. Picturing the Chinese NEW! Handy-sized editions of Chinas Picturing the Chinese tells the great thinkers.

    The Three Little Pigs - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 1)

    All books are in a simple, unadorned for- story of Western photography mat, and each pithy and profound quote is accompanied in China from the midth by a historical vignette on the page opposite. The decade of the Cultural This long-time best seller has Revolution was been a China Books classic one of the most chaotic peri- since the 's. Since then ods in Chinese history.

    Regardless collected the true stories of of how Mao is ultimately people who lived through the judged, his impact on world Cultural Revolution, remind- history is undeniable. Here's ing us of the power and resil- your chance to read him in ience of the human soul.

    Dong takes the reader Brief in form, endless in wis- through the fascinating dom, these fundamental rules world of Chinas mysteries of military engagement are examining the fine line be- easily adaptable to modern day tween scientific documenta- life. A profoundly influentail tion and myths.

    Savor as you would a cup When Chinese journalist Liu of fresh tea brewed from Zongren came to the United the finest leaves the rich- States in the s, he was ness of this China Books struck with the challenges of classic. A treasure-trove being a foreigner in an unwel- of information, includ- coming land.

    His experiences, ing tea ceremonies, tea although unique and idiosyn- pots, and the health and cratic, are universal to any im- aesthetic virtues of the migrant moving to a new place. Fully il- popular and widely-read titles lustrated. Life in a status in Chinese culture small Hunan town is richly por- with this colorfully illus- trayed through the turbulent trated book that traces years from , as the the history and develop- impact of relentless political ment of tea.

    Originally published in , Ward Four is a semi-auto- Here is an excellent guide biographical novel by one of to help English-speakers Chinas leading literary figures choose appropriate and that explores the range of hu- auspicious Chinese names man idealism during the Japa- for their children and them- nese occupation. A prominent part of Chi- and colorful illustra- nese and Japanese culture, tions make for a lively this vivid and colorful account and engaging introduc- is the first book in English on tion to the beauty, dra- the subject. Filled with pho- ma and flair of Chinas tos of cages, accessories and most popular festivals, historical essays by Lafcadio including the Lunar Hearn , and Berthold New Year, Qingming, Laufer , this incredible Dragon Boat and Mid- title will make you aware of Autumn.

    Things Chinese 2nd ED. Packed with phots and infor- Accompanied by beautiful pho- mation on over things tographs and classic paintings, Chinese covering ten major this book provides a basic in- categories, from articles of troduction to all of the signs of everyday use to snacks. Dont try these moves at Fascinating first-person ac- home! Best known for its de- counts of twenty-three ex- piction in martial art mov- pats from around the globe, ies, Shaolin Kung Fu, dates Finland to Liberia, Egypt to back 2, years and is one Japan, who explain what it of Chinas most prized and is about their life and work impressive art forms.


    Betty Saw's Ultimate Herbal Cookbook The Intriguing World of By Betty Saw Chinese Home Cooking By Angela Chang Using herbal ingredients that are readily available, Beginning chefs will learn these easy, straightforward all the necessary steps to dishes stay true to Betty prepare authentic Chinese Saws trademark common- cusisine with these deli- sense approach to cooking.

    Chap- yin and yang, contrasting in- ters include: Chinese spic- gredients in each dish come es and seasonings, dump- together to achieve that per- lings, vegetables, noodles fect balance. In this rich social and cultural By presenting Chi- history of Shanghais signa- nese folk stories and ture art and culture of the photographs together, ss, Lynn Pan guides Cass has assembled the reader through the myriad a perfect synthesis world inhabited by commer- of words and images cial and under-ground artists while showing how the and designers, performers, physical and cultural architects, decorators, pa- geography of China is trons, as well as politicians, at the root of its most generals, and crime bosses.

    A perfect entry point to the tory of an invincible force and insurmountable barrier arts and culture of China. Silk Road Magazine prais- Temple-hopping in Beijing is es that this up-to-date worthy of an Olympic sport of guide includes special its own. Before your marathon topics, literary excerpts of the Forbidden City, why not and archive pictures and warm up with sprints to some illustrations sprinkled of the fascinating temples throughout, which meld scattered around Beijing?

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    Sichuan Science and Technology P.. Sichuan wenyi yinxiang chubanshe.. Sing Tao Publishing Ltd. Sky Digi Entertainment Co. Sky Digi Entertainment, Co. Social Sciences Academic Press Solely distributed by Guangzhou..

    Guide The Three Little Pigs - English-Chinese Version with Pinyin (Teaching Panda Series Book 1)

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