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In this hilarious memoir, journalist Karp tries it all-from quantum physics to the Feldenkrais Method-in an attempt to transform his mind-set, lower his score, and tap into the mystical connection between golf and spirituality. Throughout the ages, the arts of Zen and meditation have helped warriors prepare for battle, brought philosophers to enlightenment, and opened the path to inner peace for countless practitioners.

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Perhaps most important, however, they have allowed golfers to transcend their game and shave precious strokes off their handicap. Enter your Postcode or Suburb to view availability and delivery times. See Terms for more information. Assisted by a quirky roster of Zen-influenced golf masters, this journey of a common man in search of an uncommon kingdom across the fairways of North America and Scotland, of course! Elsewhere, lyrics embracing circumcision and the Gulf War lack the humility that makes golf songs bearable.

The music is equally tough going, with awkward melodies aggravated by stop-start syncopations that rarely let the songs flow. A good question. It may have worked on Broadway but I guess you had to be there. Rating: Double Bogey. Tony Jacklin swings into golf and music history with his album of jazz standards for CBS Records in To be fair, despite the sometimes bland production, Jacklin acquits himself respectably on the 11 tracks which, along with Come Fly With Me, The Nearness Of You and Edelweiss, includes a rendition of The Lincolnshire Poacher — the song that would provide the Scunthorpe-born star with his nickname.

Practically every. Elvis song. Half the songs the great Jerome Kern wrote. I loved them all, and always seemed to get into the emotional angle of the song through the lyrics. The Beatles were the best, so was Tom Jones. Because if you do I will get CBS to do something. It was reissued as Golf Swings, one of the dedicated golf music albums reviewed on the previous spread. Just wait til you hear Ball Washer on the follow-up.

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Well, Stuart, a niblick is like an old-fashioned 9-iron. Tiger Woods! Who is the closest to divine? Who leads the pack on the back nine? Now you may think that this sounds odd But he might be the Son Of God.

The Caddyshack golf bag fitted with a car radio was a memorable film prop lampooning the gloriously bad taste at a fictional American country club. Happy Gilmore flaunts the dress code when attending the pre-tournament cocktail party in the colourful film. With its redneck Cinderella story of loveable long-hitter making good, Happy Gilmore was surely inspired by John Daly who famously turned to music — and the guitar in particular — to keep him off the booze.

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Two years later, the management at the rather more exclusive Monte-Carlo Beach Club had to ask Stewart to turn down the detachable speakers on his Walkman as Springsteen was again disturbing the peace. It keeps me relaxed. I won the Swiss Open because of it! I sleep better at night after a good film — and this is definitely one of them. The lights were dimmed as we walked in…it sent a chill up my spine. It always reminds me of her.

But then given his love of Angels and a new angel in tow it was presumably too tempting an opportunity. Peter Alliss, for example, admits a surprising liking for Robbie Williams. Back with dedicated golf music, it seems strange that the genre is almost entirely dominated by offerings from the other side of the Atlantic. But whither Callaway In A Manger? Dream on.

The first verse goes:.

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Sky Sports introduced their K Club coverage with a Ryder Cup version of Molly Malone, performed by an Irish folk band in a pub decorated with golf memorabilia. But another Irishman, Darren Clarke, would go on to claim the coda. One of the more bizarre golf-andmusic anecdotes involves the confusion surrounding the subtly differing images of Mexican legend, Chi Chi Rodriguez, on a pair of record sleeves from eccentric US New Wave band, Devo.

Inspired by a picture of the charismatic tour star on the packaging of a golf club headcover, the band borrowed the artwork for the UK cover of their essential third single, Be Stiff on the Stiff record label which, despite the golfthemed art, had absolutely nothing to do with shaft flex. A: We are Devo! The band rejected this — and even cleared the earlier art with Chi Chi himself in exchange for a couple of records. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Meanwhile, the original Rodriguez-endorsed headcover Cobra model made by Kent Manufacturing, Ohio , in its original wrapper, remains a prized collectors item among Devo fans. Who said Chi Chi Rodriguez was a mug? These images of the golf star caused a right rumpus when Devo, the American New Wave band, wanted to use pictures of Chi Chi on the front of an album cover. From blues legends to boy bands, golf has been an unlikely distraction for generations of pop stars.

Hold Me Tight. But, John, that left-handed club will get you nowhere, man. And while he may have been more pop than rock, Justin Timberlake was soon getting as much TV coverage as the leaders when teeing it up at top procelebrity events on the US tour. I grew up in the blue collar area of Detroit where we only had three sports: baseball, football and Grand Theft Auto!

I only started playing when I moved to Arizona, which is obviously one of the golf capitals of the world. I was a total alcoholic but when I came out of hospital and quit drinking, I had all this time in my hands. I needed an activity, and golf immediately occupied me for four hours a day — or eight if I played 36 holes. I soon found that I had natural talent for it. When I first started I could break at courses like Pima Country Club though that course is not there any more as the Apache Indians reclaimed the land.

I then went from a handicap of 26 down to six in one year. I was playing literally seven days a week, and often with professionals, so it was like having a four-hour lesson every day. I never get bored with golf even when I play every day. My lowest ever score is 67, at Camelback Country Club, in Arizona. But the very next day I struggled to break I love pro-ams. You might top your drive. Golf is a great common denominator that unites people and cuts through all the class levels. It means you think like their fathers.

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And, anyway, I have to play. As shown by the short interview we did with him that week see sidebar, Different Sticks , the multi-talented Torres takes his interest in golf to fascinating extremes with his grip sculptures of golfing legends. The latter featured the star sinking a footer with the help of a live boa constrictor lying obligingly along the path of the putt. Rhythm and balance. Country guitar virtuoso, Chet Atkins, held his own golf tournament annually until his death in , while rock god Eddie Van Halen co-founded his own event in California, in association with McDonalds.

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Mascis, overdressed in snappy golfing attire, driving a golf buggy through the streets of New York in pursuit of this hazardous new pastime. Along with the Beasties whose golf lyrics are mentioned elsewhere , Dinosaur Jnr. Nicky Wire, bassist for the Manic Street Preachers, admits to having become hooked on golf when studying politics at Swansea University. Richard Archer, lead singer of the excellent Hard-Fi, was a VIP guest at a Hoylake party hosted by leading retailer american golf, while bass player Kai Stephens nominates the Tiger Woods Pro Tour 2 golf game as his favourite pastime on the tour bus.

Alternative music rag,. Artrocker, even conducted their interview with South London indie guitar outfit, Good Shoes, on a golf course as shown on the cover of their August issue. Hubbins as the band browse aimlessly at the brochures in the lobby of their double-booked Memphis hotel. Not forgetting that the only time Elvis set foot in Britain when his aircraft refuelled at Prestwick on March 2 , his only view would have been of the hallowed dunes of the historic links as he chatted to fans through the airport fence.

But then Nick Price said much the same about Seve. Player still has the Blue Hawaii photo hanging on the wall of his study — presumably in preference to the OK! A starstruck Golf Digest hack spotted the pair one evening, as recounted excitedly in the opening gambit of a travel piece on golf in Ireland. And just what is it with disc jockeys and golf? They seem to have an almost Masonic obsession with the game. Starting with Chris Evans who conceived, hosted and produced the six-programme Tee Time series on offbeat golfing culture around the world for Channel 4, in Despite his subversive reputation, Evans has been fascinated with the game since he was young, and his cousin, Brian Evans, is an established club pro in the Algarve.

When did you take up the game? I started back in the early s. I try and play once a week — even when on tour. I make three of each grip: the player keeps one and the other two are auctioned for charity. The Old Course at St. The very next hole I totally topped it and it barely made the bridge over the burn.