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Who is the mysterious Mrs.

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Jernigan and why is Deborah herself suspected of killing a furniture executive who specialized in making after-hours bedroom arrangements and cutthroat deals? To clear her name, Deborah has to table all other plans and investigate. A Mouse's Tale: stories from the unhinged mind and imagination of David Hunter Adolescents on a snipe hunt introduce themselves to Death, a corpse wakes up in the morgue, and men come under the spell of an ugly woman.

Is it truth or is it fiction? Only one thing is certain - this collection of stories from the Warrior Poet is filled with koan-like insight into the souls of ordinary men. No Easy Answers by Carolyn Hart Bart Hastings was born into a military family; his Army colonel father has devoted his life to defending his country and Bart's brother lost his life while fighting in a war that Bart is no longer sure he supports. But when his father is accused of treason, Bart finds himself entangled in a fight of his own as he tries to save his father's career and reputation.

No Easy Answers is a fast-paced tale of espionage and murder set in the tumultuous and divisive years of the Vietnam War.

- One Coffee With (Sigrid Harald Mysteries) by Margaret Maron

John Watson in recording a previously-unknown case solved by Sherlock Holmes. Someone in the art department office had slipped in a spoonful of poison. Among the suspects are a young secretary, an enraged Hungarian maintenance man, and a colleague who had an affair with Quin's wife. NYPD detective Sigrid Harold is called in to find the killer with an artistic temperament and an aptitude for death. Maron fans should jump on it while they have a chance. Sigrid Harald realizes that Cluett's murder may be tied to the on-duty death of her own father and that the killer may be closer to her than she ever imagined.

Peril Off Padre by Carolyn Hart Carolyn Hart is best known for her cozy mysteries — the Death on Demand, Bailey Ruth Raeburn, and Henrie O books—but long before she captured readers with those bestsellers, she wrote stand-alone suspense novels.

Peril Off Padre is the first of her thrilling suspense tales for adults. More than one soul has been lost along with the long-forgotten treasure that hides beneath the waters off Padre Island. Whether propelled by curiosity, determination, or greed, no one — not soldier, priest, or fortune hunter-- is immune to the lure of wealth. When desire turns to obsession, murder inevitably follows.

Ebook 3. Rendezvous in Veracruz by Carolyn Hart When feisty American college student Maura intercepts a mysterious message, she soon finds herself caught up in the middle of an international crime spree. With no idea how many of her acquaintances are involved, she doesn't dare to trust anyone!

Her only option is to go on the run in order to elude the ruthless criminals who will stop at nothing to protect their secret. Paperback, 5. The Right Jac k by Margaret Maron Fourth in the Sigrid Harald series When a bomb explodes at a cribbage tournament in an exclusive Manhattan hotel, Sigrid's partner is badly injured and two people are killed outright. To find the killer, Sigrid must first determine the motive for murder and figure out who was the intended victim - the "right jack.

A Settling of Accounts by Carolyn Hart In , Kay Emory is a gentle and respectable antiques dealer; not even her closest friends know about the long-ago life she tries to forget.

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But when a business trip to London exposes her to a ruthless killer that only she can identify, Kay must call upon the deadly skills gained in her secret past to save herself and those she loves. The print version of this book contains additional material by Ms. McCrumb Paperback, 5. On the bench and off, she can feel the rage and fear and greed these changes arouse.

Slow Dollar by Margaret Maron Ninth in the Deborah Knott series: Murder stalks the midway, and when one gaffed game ends with a brutal death, Deborah discovers more than a body. Paperback, 6. When they do, people remember them as events that mark an entire generation. Domestic storms, on the other hand, hit with regularity.

But when the scantily clad body of a promiscuous wife is found in a motel, the killing resounds like a thunderclap through the community. With her handsome cousin a suspect in the murder, Judge Deborah Knott gets personally involved in the case.

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Then the murderer strikes again, even as a real-life killer storm rages up the Carolina coast. I braced myself, but the shots I expected were not fired. It had been a long time since I prayed.

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A new job, a new team, a new lease on life… but crime never changes, and this time the killer may be closer than Tempest could ever imagine. A former law enforcement officer, Hunter brings life to every character, from the habitual criminal to the overworked cop, from the perpetual victim to the spiritual counselor.

Readers will be entertained, educated, and enlightened along the way. Mere days before the annual renewal of their immortality is to occur, the goddess of youth disappears. Without her and her restorative nectar, time and age will catch up with the goddesses. In the blink of an eye, they will shrivel and die, leaving the world to fend for itself, unless a skeptical mortal can find a way to save both worlds. Paperback 5. At the same time, old Amos is no stranger to tragedy. Two years earlier, his more talented son, Donny, apparently committed suicide.

Suddenly, amid the petty bickering, an even more gruesome death strikes the Nordans again. Violence, seemingly borne out of Providence, stalks the family homestead as the sins of the past catch up with the Nordan family. Judge Knott knows she must summon all her considerable insight into the darkest entanglements of the human heart, if she is to stop a most human specter, well-crafted in the art of murder. When truck driver and childhood neighbor Dallas Stancil is shot and killed in his own backyard, Judge Deborah Knott figures she owes his memory at least the respectful ritual of taking his widow one of her Aunt Zell's best chicken casseroles.

Mistake Number One. Dallas wasn't rich, but with development eating up the farms and forests of North Carolina his land is suddenly worth a fortune. His trashy, chain-smoking third wife and grown stepchildren are all too aware of its value. Opportunists--including one of Deborah's own brothers--are coming out of the woodwork. And she knows big money makes people do bad things.

Hardworking, redneck, and salt-of-the-earth, the Stancil men have lived side-by-side with Deborah's family. When the Stancils suffer another tragedy, a long-hidden skeleton rattles its bones and jumps out of what she thought was her long-dead past. She can run the culprit back out of town or maybe get him charged with murder, but ignoring him would be Mistake Number Two.

Add to cart. There was more than coffee in Professor Ripley Quinn's morning coffee.

Sigrid Harald Mysteries

One of the eight people present in the art department office had slipped in a spoonful of poison. When NYPD detective Sigrid Harald is called in to investigate this crime among her suspects are a wide-eyed young secretary, an enraged Hungarian maintenance man, and a colleague who had an affair with Quinn's wife. Sigrid is no expert on art, but she is an expert on human emotions and what drives people to kill. And she is after the clues that will reveal the identity of a killer with an artistic temperament and an aptitude for death. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition.

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