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Despite reports of repeated security violations, sexual misconduct and alcohol abuse Ames was promoted into positions that allowed Ames access to highly sensitive material. At this time Ames was facing alimony payments and financial demands of his new wife. Over a 9 year period Ames reportedly received 2. Superficially Ames was an unlikely betrayer. He came from a middle class family, his father also a CIA staff member. Ames ideology played no significant part in his decisions to reveal classified information.

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Relationships Ames appeared to care about people and although his parents were demanding they were important to him. His was close to his sister and her death was of deep sadness for Ames. Both parents and sister died before Ames starting revealing classified information. Ames failed at university and with assistance from his father Ames joined the CIA. It is reported that his CIA career was chequered, he had some good performance reports however he had unsatisfactory performance reports also.

Attitude to CIA There were some indications that Ames resented his treatment, being overlooked for promotion and acquired a reputation of being argumentative. Beliefs Ames claims that by the time he commenced revealing classified information his respect and belief in the US and the political and intelligence institutions had gone.

Money There is no evidence that another partly had directly persuaded Ames to reveal classified information for money, KGB did not target and groom Ames as a potential agent, they did however look after him and supported him as a source. Ames needed money, he was in debt at the time of approx. He continued to work with the KGB and earned millions over the 9 year period.

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Lets look at the study. Think about what motivated Almes. Money was of the most dominant motivation, but money on its own would not have lead him to betrayal. There was other significant factors such as disgruntlement in the work place and resentment of CIA management and their was a life stressor with both parents and sister passing away. In the case study of Ames, what was the dominant motive to reveal classified information? What are the three personality factors described in the dark triad model? There are five interrelated components to the critical pathway?

People are fascinated by what motivates people to do the wrong thing, such as revealing classified information. Even for those that have been in the intelligence community one questions remains difficult to answer. It is evident that classified information being revealed poses a significant national threat, yet relatively little published material is available as open source information.

Naturally some information is and should remain classified in order to protect the source and methods. This book chapter, however, has explored what motivates an individual to revel classified information, by utilising open source material that is freely accessible by the public. Colwill, C. Human Factors in information security: The Insider-threat-who can you trust these days. Journal of Information Security and Applications, 14, Greitzer, F. Herbig, K.

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Espionage against United States by American Citizens Kramer, L. International Journal of Intelligence , 20, Lang, E. Identifying Personality Disorders that are a security risk: Field test results. Sarbin, T. R, Carney, R. Westport, Conn. Richards J. Espionage be the numbers: A statistical overview.

Shaw, E. Ten tales of betrayal: The threat to corporate infrastructure by information technology insiders and observations. D The role of behavioral research in profiling in malicious cyber insider investigations. Digital Investigations , 3, Insider threat motivation: What motivates insiders to reveal classified information? Charney, D. True Psychology of the insider spy.

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International Journal of Intelligence , 20, Lang, E. Reeve, J.

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Understanding motivation and emotion 5th ed. Digital Investigations , 3, Vrij, A. Detecting Lies and Deceit 2nd ed. Categories : Resources needing clarification Resources needing facts checked Resources needing clarification by what Resources needing improved grammar Resources needing spell checking. Namespaces Resource Discuss. Views Read Edit View history. In other languages Add links. This page was last edited on 11 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They rarely use technology resources for anything other than their work.

By definition these employees are never knowingly involved in insider attacks. The renegade cohort will unlikely directly attack their employer for financial gain but their loyalties generally do not align.

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Motivations behind revealing classified information [ edit ] Motivation to reveal classified information can arise from situational factors such as experiencing a financial crisis or gambling addiction, becoming disgruntled with the employer and having emotional ties to a foreign country or a global community Kramer, A narcissistic personality is characterised by grandiosity such as unwarranted feelings of self importance or self esteem, a self of entitlement, and lack of empathy for others. Grandiose persons feel that rules and regulations do not apply to them and regulations are rejected.

These people are arrogant, they act in a imperious and grandiloquent manner but their self esteem is almost always fragile Lang and Shechter, Vrij describe individuals high in machiavellianism view other cynically, show little concern for other and will confess that they will lie and manipulate to get what they want openly.

These individuals exploit a range of dishonest tactics to achieve goals Lang and Shechter, Manipulation of others and deceit are central features of this type of behavior. What we are left with is a reflection of a gray, chiaroscuro version of it. This is the twilight of European civilization. Something is slowly dying in our nations and, unless we wake up, we will disappear.

He said that following the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks, French citizens have felt closer to security and police officials. In his book Perpetual Euphoria: On the Duty to Be Happy Bruckner acknowledges that happiness is a notoriously difficult concept to pin down. For the ancient Greeks, happiness was synonymous with the good life. To be happy was to fulfil a harmonious role in an ordered society. Christianity replaced happiness with salvation, a life of denial for the promise of eternal bliss after death.

It was the Enlightenment that returned happiness to earth.

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It is a disease of a society that is looking desperately for happiness, which we cannot catch. And so people collapse into themselves. Greece is the embodiment of beauty, tragedy and light. It is the idea of the Greek miracle as expressed by the ancient philosophers.

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