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Jazz up kids' lunches or your holiday table with these fun food ideas for creative and colorful sandwiches, pancakes, snacks and sweets. Pre-made cookies, candies and chocolates—and even marshmallow Peeps!—make an easy and effective topper for cakes. Send your kids off to class.

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Add steps to the process or take some away. Or if you are lucky, leave them just where they are. Practical language use is realistic language use. Make sure you have a connection to real life language use in at least one of your planned activities. If not, add one or more.

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Have students read something written for native speakers. Have them talk to strangers on the street.

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Or maybe have them write a letter or make a phone call. Plan one or two activities to warm them up. Busy Teacher has tons of resources for warmers and fillers. Six steps and you are ready to go confident that your students are learning everything you intend them to learn and that every student will connect with the material in meaningful ways.

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Good CITIZENSHIP lesson plans: equality vs equity diversity debates

Please wait While you are reading, ask yourself these questions: Is the curriculum at the appropriate level for your students? Give the activities a hard look and determine if your students will be able to successfully learn the material through these activities. Eliminate any that are too hard or too easy for your class.

Does it cover reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar? It might not need to if you are teaching only one area of language. Plus, language flows together. Reading is connected to writing, listening to grammar, etc. Do the given activities touch on different learning styles?

Lesson Plans on Bullying, Bias, and Diversity | GLSEN

Are students working on their own and in groups? Is it communicative? Is there something visual? Put the language skills or vocabulary you are teaching to song. Or have students listen to a recorded dialogue and use it as a model for their own speech. If you are teaching just about any aspect of language, you have covered this learning style. For students who learn this way, languages come easy — both spoken and in writing. Just remember that not every language learner will pick up on what you are teaching as quickly as your verbal learners will.

A Group Lesson Plan for Conquering the Deep 6

Are they moving? To aid these learners, use manipulatives in class, play games that include movement, or try the Total Physical Response technique. Have them solve a problem. In this lesson, students will begin to explore transphobia and genderism by examining and expanding their definitions.

Students will learn about ableism, ableist language, and how to act in allyship with people who have disabilities. As a class and in small groups, students will watch a video about pronouns, have a conversation about pronouns, and discuss misgendering. This lesson helps students begin to think about what a school without name-calling and bullying might look and sound like.

Six terrific literature-based lesson plans for using LGBT-themed literature in the elementary classroom. Have you heard your students say, "That's SO gay!

Lesson Planning: What is Required?