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Jazz up kids' lunches or your holiday table with these fun food ideas for creative and colorful sandwiches, pancakes, snacks and sweets. Pre-made cookies, candies and chocolates—and even marshmallow Peeps!—make an easy and effective topper for cakes. Send your kids off to class.

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In the game, they are using Scripture memorization in adventure campaigns, and in this scene, they are encountering the wicked dragon Abaddon, which they are fighting by quoting Scripture passages. The boys are disappointed, but immediately obey the mother and pack up the game, putting everything away nicely. The boys thank Mrs. Moody for her hospitality and then get on their bikes to ride home. Cross-promotion with Focus on the Family?

The boys are laughing joyfully and singing songs together as they ride home. First, Luke peels away as he reaches home, then John, until Mark is riding by himself in the darkness. The lights on his bike start to flicker, and then suddenly a menacing, dark figure stands on the road in front of him. Shocked, Mark crashes his bike in the forest and takes off for home on foot. When Mark arrives home, he opens the door to find the house empty. He locks the door, and then glances at a note on the refrigerator to see that his mother and older brother are at a Bible study. Mark picks up the phone as is about to call the Bible study when the barking dog draws his attention back to the door.

The shadowy figure can be seen through the fogged glass window, and it uses some sort of diabolical supernatural dark magic to open the lock from the outside. He looks around desperately for anything to help him. The only things are an old dusty Bible and an old Psalty toy. He grabs them both and then falls to his knees and begins to pray. The lights start to flicker in the shed, and then with one final flicker off and then back on, the shed is empty. Considering that Mark never disobeys, Elisabeth calls Mrs. Moody to see if Mark had been invited for a sleepover. Moody tells Elisabeth that Mark had left promptly at as had been agreed.

She prays. The next scene shows the homeschool boys arriving at the public library to study together. We want to be accurate here]. The boys — struggling with meekness and confidence issues — are too timid to stand up for themselves, and so they let the boys bully them. Having won, the bullies finally leave. Cut to the public school, where we find Hope who, being older, has started attending a public school part time walking down the school hall with her accountability partner, DORCAS.

Hope is confessing to Dorcas that a boy named Ace Temptor has been talking to her, and had even asked her on a date to help her study for her Christian history test. Dorcas knows better, but Hope has changed since starting public school. As Hope walks away, Dorcas prays for her. Now we see the steeple for Mt. Moriah Community Church, where Pastor Taylor is the minister.

As he enters his office, his secretary hands him a cup of coffee and tells him that Elisabeth Falwell is waiting for him in his office. Pastor Taylor goes to her leaving the door to the office open, of course and listens to her story. Elisabeth is concerned that Mark is gone, and Pastor Taylor suggests that perhaps he is at the Christian bookstore reading or listening to the latest CCM cassettes.

Elisabeth wonders if Mark could have been raptured, but since no clothes were left behind, the pastor says he doubts it. They pray together. We go to The National Institute for Atheist Science Research, where the atheist scientists are putting on protective suits and descending down some dark stairs. There is no prayer here, only hard and cold science. The scientists enter into the darkness of a big room and find their worst nightmare, a giant squishy gross demonic-looking substance.

She is walking through the woods getting hungry [note: symbolizing spiritual hunger? When she goes into the store, she is tempted to steal some food, but upon seeing a Bible, changes her mind and approaches the sweet old lady working the cash register. Back in the library, the boys are interrupted in their diligent study by the friendly librarian, MR. Logos invites the boys to come back to his office, where he shows them his new ham radio, and they discuss how they can use it to encourage missionaries all over the world.

But their excitement is interrupted by the arrival of Pastor Taylor, who says he needs to talk to the boys. Ten Boom blesses the food the mysterious girl has in front of her, and then as the mysterious girl eats, the old woman tries to get her to talk. The old woman notices that the girl has a tattoo of a dove on her arm, and the mysterious girl indicates her that the tattoo is her name. In a strange dark room full of atheist scientists, they are listening to phone calls over sophisticated scientific equipment.

Dawkins picks up the phone, and he smiles wickedly. In the Moody home, the family is eating dinner. The father says that after dinner he will be joining the church search party to help look for Mark, and Matt continues to be bothered by not being able to help. She asks a question which leads her father to tell the story of his coming to Christ, a transformative experience that changed him from a hopeless sinner to a responsible family man.

Hope makes the decision at that point that she will try to share her faith with Ace, no matter what — that she will save him. And simultaneously Matt makes the decision to help find Mark, no matter what. After dinner in his bedroom, Matt uses his walkie-talkies to contact Luke and John. They decide to meet and look for Mark, even though it is disobeying their parents. Over the walkie-talkie, Matt prays for forgiveness, even while feeling that God will understand. He rides off into the increasing gloom to find his friend.

Inappropriate plans. Ten Boom opens the door to find a representative from the Christian homeless shelter, who smiles and asks about the mysterious girl named Dove. The evil scientist knocks the old woman on the head and she slumps to the ground. The mysterious girl goes running, but is cornered by two more evil scientists. Dove runs out into the forest. Dawkins steps out of the general store, looking into the woods, scowling evilly. Meanwhile, the boys have reached the spot where Mark disappeared, and they start looking for him, while the rain begins to fall.

Back at the Falwell house, the phone rings, and Elisabeth picks it up. Back in the forest, the rain has started pouring. The boys are yelling, shining flashlights, looking for Mark. They are encouraging each other, building each other in the faith, quoting Scripture, even as they look. Suddenly, they hear the crunching sounds of someone coming through the underbrush, they turn their flashlights, and shine their lights into the face of Dove, whose face seems to be glowing from some inward radiance, even as she is soaked in the pouring rain.

This summit, sponsored by Variety magazine, looks at the state of faith-based media, especially focusing on television and movies. Just drop me a line. Rather than just cutting and pasting my response to this question into different emails, I thought I would just post it here to answer the question once and for all:.

As longtime readers of this blog know, I have lived overseas for the past fifteen years. I had dreams of expanding KELT to include filmmaking, and so I chose to take part in the writing program while home for the summer. But this leads us back to the question: was Act One worth it?

Books by Cory Parella (Author of Kevin Sorbo Presents Hercules' Bible Adventures)

As a person whose route to the film industry has been anything but direct, would I recommend that hopeful Christian artists spend the money and a month in L. My Act One experience was transformational for me as as a writer, and my short time there also had a profound impact on my life as a Christian.

My involvement in Act One has led to some great relationships with people who are in Hollywood, working in the film industry. I felt, for that month, that I had found my people — people who loved movies, loved talking about them, analyzing them, dreaming about making them. And we went on a month-long journey together. We learned how to develop and pitch our story ideas, including holding a pitch session with actual producers.

As much as I loved developing the relationships, as much as I soaked up learning about the power of story, the best thing about Act One was that everything was done from a Christian perspective. So, is Act One worth it? And so, yes, Act One is absolutely worth it. And if you have the desire to be a part of the film industry and to do it in a way that is true to your faith as a Christian, it is most definitely worth it. To apply for the Act One Writing Program, click here.

Click here for more information. Sherwood Pictures, pace setter : The new face of church ministry is making movies "and no church is more successful at it than Sherwood Baptist, now making movies under the title Sherwood Pictures. Max Lucado's multi-millions : Max Lucado has sold more than million print products since he wrote his first book more than 25 years ago.

The San Antonio Business Journal. Iowa store hosts authors : Stepping Stones Christian bookstore in downtown Marshalltown, Iowa, hosts a book signing for two local authors. The Abilene Reporter-News. Resurrection movie deal agreed : Faith-based multimedia company 33 Hope has signed a co-production and distribution deal for a feature film being produced in Israel about the time after Christ's death and resurrection. The Tampa Bay Business Journal. Liberty News. Group urges book boycott : A Christian group has urged a boycott of the latest book by GP Taylor, a former vicar who wrote the bestselling "Shadowmancer,' for encouraging interest in the occult.

The York, England Press. Matthew West, 'hit maker' : Since he made the leap from successful songwriter to recording artist with his debut, Matthew West has become "one of the Christian genre's most consistent hit makers. Superchick's 'new, old sound' : Superchick's current Reinvention Tour says its name from the band's latest album, which "took old songs and made them sound new.

The Abilene, Texas Optimist. The Williamson Daily News. Filmmaking brothers' long journey : The opening in theaters of "Like Dandelion Dust" marks the end of a six-year journey for movie producer brothers Kevin and Bobby Downes. Author helps other victims : Author Mary DeMuth writes about the pain of child abuse and the Web site she runs to give others a place to share their hurts. Home preview for 'Dandelion' : Karen Kingsbury previewed the movie adaptation of her book, "Like Dandelion Dust," for friends and family in her Vancouver home theater.

The Columbian. Jeremy Camp's 'balanced' music : Jeremy Camp's recordings have "a balance of passionate and powerful songs. Many of those tracks are poignant, and they all are reverent. Francine Rivers' 'statement of faith' : Author Francine Rivers has called her best-selling novel, "Redeeming Love," her "statement of faith. Store burgled second time : A Christian bookstore in Springfield, Mo.

KY3 TV. The Yellow Springs News. Author's second book award : Christopher H. The Bakersfield Californian. Chambersburg Public Opinion. The Abilene, Texas Reporter-News. Greeting card giveaway spotlighted : Family Christian Stores' free greeting card giveaway gets the thumbs-up from a budget shopping guide. The Newport News, Va. Daily Press.

Christian fiction writer noted : Novelist Beth Webb Hart's signature themes of love, hope, and faith have made her popular in the Christian fiction genre, but "her well-written descriptions of Lowcountry life have broadened her audience beyond the church-going crowd. Football couple's memoir highlighted : In their book, "Without a Word: How a Boy's Unspoken Love Changed Everything," Jim and Jill Kelly tell how "God worked through their son to keep them together and to show them what really matters.

Singers launch concert books : Sandy Blackburn's "Time Spent With God," a collection of devotionals, has been chosen by gospel singing group The Hoppers as the first in the Hopper Heritage Series, which will be sold at concerts. The Lexington, N. School's football gesture recalled : David Thomas' forthcoming book, "Remember Why You Play," tells the story of the Faith Christian Lions of Grapevine, Texas, who made headlines when they hosted a visiting team from a maximum security facility for teens. Forth Worth Star-Telegram. Movie promotes suicide awareness : A church in Slidell, La.

Tammany News. The Sun Herald. Touching children's 'sacred imagination' : Children's author Andrew Peterson believes "there's something really sacred about the imagination of an 8-year-old boy or girl. Bicycle racing faith film : Inspirational movie, "The Free Ride," tells the story of former world-class road racing bicycle champion Colter Reese, banned from professional racing and given a chance of redemption.

The Bucyrus, Ohio Telegraph Forum. Music drama cameras roll : Inspirational drama, "Life Fine Tuned," about a spoiled young pop star who gains a better perspective about life, is being filmed in Culpeper, Va. The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters" is "a really good introduction to the book.

The Memphis, Tenn. Commercial Appeal. Agents seek Hollywood interest : Glass Roads Public Relations and The Sam Hill group are hoping to generate more Hollywood attention for Christian authors by combining their author management experience and motion picture industry knowledge. The Bolingbrook Sun. Debut author's teen series : Melanie Dickerson's debut novel, "The Healer's Apprentice," is the first in a three-part series based loosely on fairy tales, written for teens and adults.

The Huntsville Times-Dispatch. Purity author's porn pal : "Eyes of Integrity" author Craig Gross writes about his friendship with porn star Ron Jeremy. First-timer's publishing hit : A year-old first-time author from Wales is finding international interest in his Christian fantasy series.

BBC News. Paul Business Journal. Stores' overseas resource campaign : Christian bookstores and businesses in East Peoria, Ill. The Pekin Times. Country singer's childhood memoir : Country singer Jimmy Wayne is working with co-author Travis Thrasher on "Paper Angels," a fictionalized version of his painful past as a foster child, for Howard Books. Modern-day 'Pilgrim's Progress': In inspirational movie, "The Wylds," the classic "The Pilgrim's Progress" has been turned into "an action-adventure flick packed with classic kid-friendly elements. Central Florida as 'Holywood' : The movies already have a Hollywood and a Bollywood, "but some local filmmakers see Central Florida staking its claim as 'Holywood.

Christian bookseller remembered: Bob Scheffler is remembered for his Christian bookstore minustry-including leaving copies of the Bible in public phone booths for people to find. The Kitsap Sunday. The Post-Bulletin. Teen sailor's book : Abby Sunderland, the teenager whose solo attempt to sail around the world ended unsuccessfully, has hired Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" collaborator, Lynn Vincent, to co-write her story.

The San Diego Union-Tribune. Star defends teen drama : One of the stars of the Christian teen drama, "To Save a Life," defends the "corny at times" movie from liberal critics. Lessons from a classic : High school English teacher has marked the 50th anniversary of publication of "To Kill a Mockingbird," with "The Mockingbird Chronicles," looking at the spiritual lessons in the classic book. Rebecca's new worship CD : Rebecca St. James is working on a worship- oriented album that will combine new music and established praise hits that she anticipates will put a "fresh modern feel" on worship.

The Daily American. The Rochester, Minn. Evangelist launches Twitter Bible : In his Twitter Bible, British evangelist Chris Juby plans to summarize the Scriptures in a series of 1, brief posts on the social media network. The London, England Guardian. Gospel great's unlikely pairing : Gospel great Mavis Staples has formed an unlikely creative partnership with alt-country musician Jeff Tweedy.

The Newnan, Ga. The Daily Commercial. News Channel Long-time editor noted : Robert Delancy worked with writers such as Corrie ten Boom during more than 40 years as book editor for Christian Literature Crusade. Doves move 'ruffles feathers' : There are some "ruffled feathers and hurt feelings" following the announcement of the Dove Awards' move from Nashville to Atlanta.

Blue Mountain Eagle. Hillsong returns to America : With more than 11 million records sold, Hillsong is one of the most popular worship groups in the world, but hadn't been to the United States in nearly a decade until the current tour. Anne Rice 'quits' Christianity : Best known for her gothic novels, but having renewed her faith in recent years, novelist Anne Rice has announced she is no longer "a Christian.

Store hosts candidates' debate : A batch of Republican candidates for office descended upon Gifts of Grace Christian bookstore and cafe in Gladbrook, Iowa, to discuss everything from budget woes to illegal immigration in a public forum. The Waterloo daily Courier. Meatloaf reads Christian novel : Singer and actor Meatloaf endorses a Christian novel. Comic book leader 'stunned' : Pastor and Kingstone Media CEO Art Ayris said he is "stunned" by the international response to his company's inspirational comic books.

Baptist Press. The Bowling Green, Ky. Daily News. Top preachers link up : Two of the world's best-known TV ministers and authors got together in Houston for an event that was literally the first of its kind at Lakewood Church. Christian magazines face challenges : Specialization is the name of the game — and sometimes the key to survival--for Christian magazines, experts say. The Santa Maria Times. The Times-Georgian. Closing store 'fulfilled mission' : Though their Living Water Christian Bookstore and Cafe in Ottawa, Ohio, is closing after 20 months, owners Matt and Beth Naylor say the business' spiritual mission was fulfilled.

Putnam County Sentinel. Sarah Palin title delayed : Christian book publisher Zondervan is delaying publication of a Sarah Palin biography for young readers. WIS TV. The Chillicothe Gazette. The Cincinnati Inquirer. The Burlington, N. Publisher back controversial professor : A Christian publishing company has no plans to pull titles written by a Baptist seminary president recently demoted for making "factual statements that are self-contradictory" in sermons and speeches. Associated Baptist Press. Debut author sets sail : With her debut Tyndale House Publishers novel, "Crossing Oceans," doing well, Gina Holmes is giving up her nursing career to pursue writing full time.

Korn guitarist's Christian gig : Former Korn guitarist Brian 'Head" Welch says his new Christian music career is a lot like his time with the mainstream band, "only the crowds are smaller. The Charleston Gazette. The Gaston Gazette. Turning to Christian fiction : After a general market career with more than 30 novels, Karen Young has entered the Christian fiction arena with "Blood Bayou" and "Missing Max.

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Bible museum planned : A Christian bookstore and a museum displaying rare antique Bibles and documents related to church history is planned for Lynchburg, Va. The Lynchburg, Va. Urban music film coming : Due out next year, urban Christian movie, "Stand," focuses on three young hip-hop gospel artists struggling in the industry who refuse to trade their beliefs for fame. The Item. Winning store likes 'loitering' : Lorraine Valk's award-winning Christian bookstore in St.

Joseph, Mich. The Herald-Palladium. Christian festival stays strong : Despite a downturn in sales for other events, attendance at KingsFest in Doswall, Va. Pets in heaven debate : New books have been debating the issue of whether loved pets will be in heaven. The Joplin Globe. Palin bio avoids pregnancy : Zonderkidz' young readers biography of Sarah Palin, Speaking Up," will make no mention of her daughter Bristol Palin's unplanned teenage pregnancy.

Singer Walter Hawkins remembered : Walter Hawkins, who has died aged 61, "put a powerful stamp on contemporary gospel music" during a career that spanned 40 years. Book challenges 'one' belief : Challenging popular belief, Stephen Prothero's new book, "God is Not One," contends that all religions do not lead to the same eternal outcome. The Gaylord. Christian book bloggers spotlighted : Christian readers are among the "vibrant" book blogging community that is catching the attention of publishers.

Series asks tough questions : The "Where's the Faith"series of books poses questions on topics like sex and race to a wide variety of religious, agnostic, social justice and other leaders and thinkers. The Pueblo Chieftain. Author's past under scrutiny : Questions surround the validity of claims by author Ergun Caner about his Muslim past.

Baptist dead let go : A Baptist minister who toured the country to talk about his conversion from Islam to Christianity is no longer the dean of Liberty University's theological seminary following allegations he fabricated or embellished facts about his past. Prolific writer is profiled : Nearly 20 years after a car accident led to her pursuing a career in writing, Bonnie Leon is a "prolific" inspirational author.

The Douglas County, Ore. Jim Wallis festival flap : A Christian radio station is canceling its sponsorship of a large Christian music festival in Wisconsin because of the inclusion of author Jim Wallis among the speakers. The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Christian movie ratings welcomed : Christian retailers "really want there to be a rating system to help them serve their customers," says Bobby Downes , producer of "Like Dandelion Dust.

Faith-based apps arrive : Christian publishers have begun producing smart-phone applications to further the faith. Ex-Zondervan group initiative : Five former Zondervan executives have launched a new company to help authors "make a tech-savvy world work to their publishing advantage. Michigan Business Review. Christian music festival highlighted : Lifest in Oshkosh, Wisc. The Statesman Journal.

The Enumclaw Courier-Herald. The San Jose Mercury News. The Raleigh, N. News Observer. Creation festival returns : Creation, the country's largest Christian music festival, returns to Mount Union, Pa. The Nashville Post. Bahama Islands Info. Religious toys under spotlight : Nikki Bado, an associate professor and director of religious studies at Iowa State University, discusses the proliferation of religious toys. Sitemap

Northumberland View. Catholic Online. Thomas Times-Journal. The Southeast Missourian'. Christian Post. Religion Dispatches. Witness music festival returns : Superchick, John Waller, Building and Natalie Grant were among the artists when free music festival Witness returned to Quarryville, Pa. Author-leader's future uncertain : Author Ergun Caner's future as President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary "may depend on which version of his past is closer to the truth. The San Francisco Chronicle. Bluetree's brush with danger : Members of "God of this City" group Bluetree tell of a perilous ministry trip into Myanmar.

Jennifer Knapp's coming out : Jennifer Knapp writes about how embracing her gay identity impacted her life in Christian music. Catholic store profiled : Opened in , Holy Family Supply, a Catholic bookstore, is profiled as a non-profit business. The Salem. Statesman Journal.

The Bangor Daily News. Armed robber hits LifeWay : Police are looking for an armed robber who got away with cash after threatening a female clerk at the LifeWay Christian Store in Chattanooga, Tenn. The Chattanoogan. Schuller is co-leader of new Christian broadcast company ComStar Media, which plans to combine TV, radio and Web strategies in an initiative to launch this fall. The Dallas Morning News.

A new-style store : Ed Weske has opened Common Ground, a discount Christian bookstore, in the location where he used to work for Kregel Parable Christian Stores, closed last year. Missionary debuts jungle fiction : Missionary Jonathan Williams' first novel, "Jungle Sunrise," is based on his experiences in the jungles of Peru. The 'American Idol' factor : "American Idol" has been the launching pad for several Christian singers' careers because of the TV show's strong church connection. The Miami Herald. Church bookstore plan rejected : A zoning board in North Scranton, N.

The Scranton, N. Christian publisher's military presence : An article about faith-based programs at Fort Hood describes publisher The Navigators as " one of the largest and most influential of the fundamentalist Christian para-church military ministries currently ingrained in and operating unrestricted throughout the military. The Akron Beacon Journal. Author 'tackles tough issues' : Author Keith Clemons "tackles tough issues in his Christian novels. The Del Mar Times. Jennifer Knapp's radio verdict : The effect singer Jennifer Knapp's coming out as gay will have "comes down to how radio and retail respond to the news.

The Agoura Hills, Calif. Romance features pastors' sermons : Catherine Stedway's debut Christian romance, "The Will to Wait," features sermons from local pastors. The Cookeville, Tenn. Knapp expected sales pass : Jennifer Knapp says that she knew her new release, "Letting Go," "isn't one that's going to be sold at Christian bookstores.

Bookkeeper's embezzlement charges : The former bookkeeper at a Christian bookstore in Athens, Ga. WSB TV. Publisher changes 'industry sign' : The resignation of top officials for the Review and Herald Publishing Association of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is "a sign of the greater weakness in the religious publishing industry. The News Herald. Author's past under scrutiny : Minister and author Ergun Caner, who has "made a career as a go-to authority on Islam for the evangelical world" is at the center of allegations that he fabricated or embellished his past.

Bill Gaither's 'towering influence' : Bill Gaither is "a towering influence in Christian music as an artist and Keith Green biopic planned : The widow of singer Keith Green is working to make a movie version of her book about his life and ministry, "No Compromise. Muslim testimony prompts 'firestorm' : Author Ergun Caner's testimony of his Muslim background has "ignited a firestorm of controversy. Now he opens for Jesus Christ, leading his fans in prayer and meditation through music. The Somerville, N.

Courier News. Prize author's faith profiled : Award-winning Christian author Gina Ochsner's works, like "The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight," come from "a life based in faith. The Oregonan. Pastor-author 'culturally relevant' : Pastor and author Craig Groeschel "delivers sermons on your typical Christian topics, but does so with a fresh and culturally relevant spin. Karen Kingsbury, mom-writer : Best-selling author Karen Kingsbury "likes to think of herself as a mom first, who just happens to have written more than 40 books.

Book helps globe's poor : Christian Book of the Year, "The Hole in Our Gospel," by Richard Stearns, "has inspired many Christians to re-evaluate their lives and help the poor around the world. The Staten Island Advance. Ministry launches bookstore : Strong Tower Ministries in Emporia, Kansas, has opened a bookstore to help support the ministry and provide books to the public. The Emporia Gazette. Casting Crowns, fan favorites : Casting Crowns won the biggest of this year's Dove awards, the fan-voted artist of the year title.

Faith-based business guide : A guide for businesses looking to appeal to faith-based consumers warns that "they're going to look askance at a company that seems boastful. Christian music on the rise : More Christian music acts cracked Billboard 's Top 25 last year than ever. Kate Gosselin's latest book : Kate Gosselin's new book "isn't exactly flying off the shelves," having reportedly sold just over 10, copies in the first two weeks. US magazine. Author addresses 'Christian atheism' : In his new book, Craig Groeschel describes "Christian atheism" as a "fast-spreading spiritual pandemic which can poison, sicken and even kill eternally.

Stephen Baldwin's 'rescue fund' : Actor and author Stephen Baldwin discusses a campaign to help him overcome financial challenges attributed in part to his bold stand in Hollywood for his Christian faith. Pop Eater. Greenwich Time. Churches host speaker-authors : California churches looking for ways to draw visitors and give members fresh and often inspiring perspectives on faith, are turning to well-known names--including authors and artists--for help.

The Sacramento Bee. Store celebrates new locatio n: Brighter Life Bookshoppe Ltd. The Galesburg, Ill. Pastor's book 'labor of love' : Pastor John Goyette's Destiny Image release, "The Power of Return," is "a labor of love and the culmination of over 30 years of ministry and study. The Bennington Vt. Magazine for thinking Christians : "Books and Culture," a sister magazine to "Christianity Today," serves "in part, as a salutary source of affirmative action for Christian intellectuals. Christians movies, 'unexpected pleasures' : A critic believes that sometimes, Christian films "rise above the expected sentimentality to become unexpected pleasures.

The Mormon Times.

Before The Wrath - Official Trailer (HD)

Jennifer Knapp 'still believes' : Former Christian recording artist Jennifer Knapp, who recently announced she is gay, tells Larry King she is "still a person of faith. Christian film niche 'busy' : The Christian film niche market is busy, "with dozens of active production companies bringing forth a stream of product.

The Oklahoma Daily. Hollywood pursues 'Christian demographic' : Major Hollywood studios have started to "tap into the Christian demographic. The Mobile Press-Register. Zondervan layoffs in consolidation : Zondervan laid off 30 employees as part of a consolidation move. Author's 'easy' advice spotlighted : Judith Rolfs has authored more than a dozen books—most with "a practical, easy-to-understand, Christian focus on marriage and f a m i l y"—based on her experience as a wife, mother and counselor.

The Janesville Gazette. Larry Norman documentary debuts : A documentary about pioneer Christian rock singer Larry Norman, " Fallen Angel: the Outlaw Larry Norman," is screened after a year of legal delays, in the singer's family tri ed to block its release. Author's city tour : Young adult author Bryan Davis is making a city book tour in support of his new title, "Starlighter. The Pensecola News Journal. Theater run movie appeal : "Letters to God" director has appealed for help in keeping the inspirational movie in theaters.

The Underground. Kathy Macias' busy year : In addition to five new books releasing this year, author Kathy Macias is also launching a radio show with a fellow artist, going on book tours, keeping up a blog, and continuing a weekly devotional. The Valley Chronicle. End-times movies applauded : End-times films from the s like "A Thief in the Night," spotlighted in a screening series in Chicago, "clearly fulfill the evangelical goals of the filmmakers, they also stand up as taut, extremely well-crafted entertainment.

Time Out Chicago. Born-again 'Napoleon Dynamite' : David A. The Paragould Daily Press. The Troy, N. Cook Publishing later this year, is one of the presenters at a conference hosted by the Saskatoon Christian writers' group, His Imprint. The Star Phoenix. Joyce Meyer, rock star? Jennifer Knapp's gay revelation : After several years silence, Jennifer Knapp returns to music and reveals she is gay.

Christian pop culture explored : Daniel Radosh's "Rapture Ready! Anne Graham Lotz : Christian writer Anne Graham Lotz's "many books stress that a personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to eternal life. The Shoreview Press. Christian 'stuff' writer's 'honesty' : In his satirical book, "Stuff Christians Like," Jonathon Acuff, "speaks in an honest and whimsical tone. His writing is refreshing and engaging in its humility and self-deprecation. Louis, Mo. Second store's 'faith step' : As Mindy Uitermarkt opens her Christian bookstore, Stepping Stones, in Marshalltown, Iowa, she sees it "not as the opening of a business, but a step in her journey of faith.

The Marshalltown, Iowa Times-Republican. Zondervan's iPad titles : Zondervan, the country's largest Christian-book publisher, is releasing more than 1, titles for the new iPad, from a translation of the Bible to "The Purpose Driven Life. Movie 'raises the bar' : Based on a true story, "Letters to God" is attempting to "raise the bar" in the standard of Christian movies.

Family grief inspires film : New inspirational movie "Letters to God" began with co-writer and co-director Patrick Doughtie trying to channel his grief over son Tyler's death from brain cancer at the age of nine. Faith and the environment : A new generation of evangelicals, including several authors, is "making a spirited effort to show that their religious beliefs and their environmental concerns are not only compatible but inextricably linked.

Christian Science Monitor. The North Andover, Mass. Trade Show Week. Writers on the Sabbath : A number of Christian writers "are exploring practices that might honor Sunday as sacred time. Debating who Jesus is : Author Brian McLaren is at the center of "something of a dust-up among evangelicals over core beliefs about who Jesus was and whether he is the only way to salvation. The Quad City Times.

The Herald Bulletin. Artist unveils resurrection mural : Award-winning artist Ron DiCianni is offering a preview of his huge new mural of the resurrection—commissioned for the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas—at his studio in Temecula, Calif. The Valley News. New York Magazine. James Dobson' an entrepreneur' : Author and broadcaster James Dobson "should also be known as a successful entrepreneur. Parental forgiveness inspires book : A couple's forgiveness of their son's killer inspires a pastore to write a book about "Six Stages of Forgiving Others.

Cook, has died aged The Elgin, Ill. The Daily Comet. Chesterton rediscovered : There is revived interest in G. The Worcester, Mass. Logo 'fair use' debated : Retailers have differing opinions about whether using a company's logo to express a Christian sentiment would be considered "fair use. The Naperville Sun. Penn State Live. The Norwich Bulletin. Store soup gets praise : Covenant Books and Coffee, a Christian bookstore in Honolulu, Hawaii, gets a thumbs-up for its "ever-changing" soup of the day. The Honolulu Weekly.

Supplier adjusts gift prices : Gift company P. Graham Dunn has adjusted its price points to weather the economic downturn. Tyndale artist's 'expressive' work : Tyndale House Publishers graphic designer Tim Bott describes his art as "expressive calligraphy. In other words, he uses his talents to express the meaning of words. Suburban Life. The Wilmington Star News. The Missoulian. Bethany author's home office : Bethany House author Patti Hill tells about her "garden" office.

The Grand Junction, Colo. Daily Sentinel. Music leader on changing market : Former Word music label head Jim Van Hook discusses the changing music market. The Memphis Daily News. Big Daddy Weave's message : The members of Big Daddy Weave came together in college "to serve a higher purpose and share a message through music. The Marietta Times. Floating Christian bookstore : Currently in the Bahamas, the Christian-manned Logos Hope is the largest floating bookstore at sea.

The Tribune. Muslim outreach debate : Author and former Muslim Ergun Caner is at the center of a row over the "Camel" method of sharing the gospel with followers of Islam. The Walton Sun. New store's family neighbor : Mike Robeck's Disciple's Corner Christian bookstore in Rapid City, Iowa, will open soon next door to his wife's fashion boutique.

The Rapid City Journal. Hamas memoir 'refreshing' : Mosab Hassan Youseff's "Son of Hamas" memoir Tyndale House Publishers , about being groomed to take over leadership of the Palestinian group, offers " a refreshing change from the sound bites and vitriol heard over and over for generations. The Abington Journal.

Hamas author acknowledges 'doubts : "Son of Hamas" author Mosab Hassan Youseff acknowledges "some people will doubt" his account of spying for Israel while a member of the Palestinian organization. The East Valley Tribune. The Southeast Missourian. Hamas story 'shock, intrigue' : The "startling journey" of the eldest son of a Hamas leader, a Christian convert, and former Israeli spy, detailed in "Son of Hamas," has "shocked, angered, and intrigued.

Mormon books 'sea change' : A Mormon columnist finds "a sea change of sorts" in evangelical books about the Latter Day Saints, noting they take "a more elevated tone. Faith-based film focus : Movies like "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" present "a n opportunity for Christians to vote with their feet, showing theater owners there is a marketable audience for faith-based films. The California Chronicle. The Knoxville News Sentinel. Inspirational films' 'difficult subjects' : "Letters to God" is one of the latest movies "marketed to and finding acceptance from Christian audiences despite difficult subject matters.

Veteran musician Nancy Honeytree : After more than 35 years, singer Nancy Honeytree "remains on the cutting edge of contemporary Christian music. Hendersonville, N. Industry Radar for the week of March 3, The copies have all been purchased by customers as part of a special campaign. The Telegraph. Tyndale House's Hamas memoir : In his Tyndale House Publishers memoir, "Son of Hamas," the son of one of the organization's founders says he served as a top informant for Israel for more than a decade.

Start-up gifts success : Though Hold That Thought inspirational gift company founder Kim Humphries recognizes she probably could not have started a new business in a worse economic climate, she is pleased with how things are going. The Decatur Daily. Christian movies see success : The Christian movie industry—a sizable niche market—"has seen recent box-office success with low-budget family dramas. The Toronto Globe and Mail. Author Shane Claiborne's sincerity : Author and speaker Shane Claiborne "attempts to approach his audiences with sincerity and cut straight to the point.

The Lariat Online. Scientist's faith riles colleagues : National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins is again riling some scientists by publicly sharing his religious beliefs in a new book, "Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith" HarperCollins. Bookstore worker's faith research : A Christian bookstore worker helps the Cancer Research Center of the University of South Carolina investigate the role of faith in healing sick or injured people. The State. The Christian publishing industry thrives on it.

Forstchen speaks at the Salt Shaker in Wilmington, N. Store opening 'absolutely nuts' : When Aaron Walters and a friend decided to open a Christian bookstore in Knoxville, Tenn. Bookstore rezoning appeal heard : Mansfield City Council is considering rezoning to permit a woman to open a religious bookstore on a residential street in the Ohio town.

The Louisville, Ky. Dove awards 'celebrate others' : Christian music's annual Dove awards are "less about competition and more about celebrating each other's work," says Vocalist of the Year Brandon Heath. Music of Foolish grace : For rock band Rush of Fools, "grace is what it's all about. People are turning toward their faith. The Terre Haute, Ind. The North Jefferson News. There are so many issues with dogma. Arizona Daily Star.

Peter Marshall says The Pilgrims came here to bring the gospel to the Indians. Connie Ricks , a 4th grade teacher, reads the diary of a girl who came over on the Mayflower and the struggles they endured. Dr John Pafford says it was the strong Christian faith of the Pilgrims that established this nation as a Christian commonwealth and fostered a free market economy. A Tribute to Veterans. This is the most important mid-term election in our history. For those who say, "I don't vote for the party, I vote for the person.

What's the difference between the Parties? Mat Staver , founder of Liberty Council , says, "The Republican Party platform is the most conservative in history, while the Democrat is the most radical and socialist. It's a difference between life and death, good and evil, morality vs immorality, homosexuality vs religious freedom, rule by the Constitution or the whims of a few elites.

Americans have been lulled into complacency forgetting our vulnerability to enemy attack. Can a nation as diverse as this repent to avoid God's Judgment? Dark spiritual forces threaten to destroy this nation. Our greatest enemy isn't the Muslim terrorist or communists but the ignorance and apathy of American Christians! New Conservative Era p 2. The mainstream media, Democrats, Marxists, and the social Internet giants are all biased against Trump and conservatives in this midterm election.

But the American people don't want Democrats to raise their taxes and keep sanctuary cities. They want a wall built and continue with Trump's policies to grow the economy. He predicts a more conservative Congress and a rebirth of freedom, morality, peace and prosperity. Christ commanded His followers to be salt and light. But when half the Christians don't vote, how are they salt and light? Pastor, author and former US Senate candidate, Bishop EW Jackson , says, "Socialism is atheistic, eliminates freedom, and has brought massive starvation, oppression and death to millions of people.

But God is not finished with America and wants to bring victory and revival if God's people do their part. Do we want socialism or faith, freedom, limited government and respect for the Constitution? Socialism vs Capitalism. Communist Agenda in America p 2. Most Americans think communism can't happen here. Cubans thought that too. The name " communist" has been replaced with liberal, leftist, or progressive, but their agenda remains the same.

Since freedom and morality go together, the goal is immorality with instability that leads to a communist revolution. Worldviews Determine Destinies pt 2. Ray Moore , the Director of Exodus Mandate , compares how the Allied troops were rescued from the beaches in Normandy to survive and fight another day, to rescuing the Christian children from a public school slaughter of their faith!

Parents need to hear this before school starts. The Way of Wisdom p 2. Just to learn academics? Don't ask what kind of education is best, ask what kind of person do you want them to become? Bob Gannage says schools omit God in creation and American history. He sold encyclopedias so he could educate his kids himself. RC Sproul, Jr , a home school expert, says home schooling is a joy that produces children who relate well with people of all ages. Brian Schwertley gives the Biblical instructions for education.

Jesus and the Crimson Worm p 2. The tolath or crimson worm is a symbol of Christ, because the mother worm dies on a tree, sacrifices her life for her babies, then exudes a bright red fluid, like the blood of Christ, that covers her babies just as the blood of Christ covers us. Saving a Lost Generation with Ken Ham. To destroy a culture, destroy their history. Peter Marshall , author of The Light and Glory - vividly describes the horrendous starving army at Valley Forge, barefoot in the snow, and the courage Washington infused into them to fight on against impossible odds. God miraculously protected our Continental army with a heavy fog that hid them from slaughter from the British.

Tom Dooley, author of One Nation Under God-America's Lost Dream , describes the cost of freedom in the sacrifices our forefathers paid with their lives. What do the words of our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner , really mean? The "Advocates for Youth" curriculum promotes abortion over child birth and trains students to be advocates for abortion and homosexuality. How has our nation gone from Christian to a nation where Christianity is criminalized? Where evil is called good and good is called evil. Not long ago, Marxism and socialism were scorned, but now universities indoctrinate students into Marxist ideas and hate for country and capitalism.

David Kupelian, author of The Snapping of the American Mind , says words have been changed to mean the exact opposite of what they used to mean. Tolerance means intolerance of Christians. The horror of killing a baby is simply a woman's choice. Why are 4 to 5 million healthy boys labeled ADHD and put on drugs? How can people defend themselves when cities are sanctuaries for criminals? Mark Robinson speaks boldly to defend our freedoms contrary the thousands of students who marched for gun control.

Chris Whaley , author of The Masked Saint , is a pastor who was also a pro-wrestler who used his wrestling skills to help defenseless women, old men, and people being robbed.

He took on 4 Klansmen at night during a KKK rally. Chris went out during the night wearing his wrestling costume to get men who were stealing Christmas presents from poor families. Chris is a Christian version of Superman fighting evil! How God's Designs Work. Is the age of the earth important? Some stars are so far from earth that it would take millions of years for their light to reach us. Is that proof for an "old earth"? Many people, including Christian leaders, try to fit billions of years into the Genesis account. The amazing universe shows God's awesome creativity. The omnipotent Creator simply spoke and galaxies whirled into space and the universe was created.

Is America headed for another Civil War? Our nation is as divided as any time in history. One side holds a Biblical worldview while the other calls for a globalist state. Schools propagate ideas of utopian globalism, but what does the Bible say about globalism? Paul McGuire , author of Trumpocalypse - The End Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon , says, "President Trump is viciously attacked by the establishment and media, because he is, as Hillary Clinton says, "He is undermining the global order," and confronting the evil system that rules the world.

Would you like to know the future of America? God knows exactly what will happen to our nation and has given us a preview from His Word in a paradigm. The parallels are amazing! President Clinton and Hillary fit the pattern of the ancient king and Queen of Israel who were at war with God.

Baal worship sacrificed thousands of children, but we have legally aborted millions of them. The Joy of the Resurrection. What can be done to prevent school massacres? The killing of 17 innocent students in Parkland, FL was used by liberals to call for gun control. Andrew Pollack and Darrell Scott who lost their precious children give passionate pleas for action. What's the real solution? Rick Deighton , author of More Than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes , says violence in our schools is a consequence of eliminating values, instead of instilling Godly character and purity.

Life is cheap when kids learn mankind is simply an evolved animal. Without God, there's no conscience development. They want the peace of Christ without Christ. Miraculous Survival At Sea part 2. Blown up at midnight, he jumped for his life into the oil soaked, murky-black, freezing water! Hundreds of men died, some instantly, some later. Listen to this harrowing experience. Although he was exhausted, dehydrated and very cold, he had a peace only Christ can give. He saw his buddies being eaten alive by sharks, but he said, "God's Presence gave me great strength to persevere.

God's Gift - The Animals. They don't know why God blesses or curses nations. The blood of Christian martyrs is the seed for new saints. Belief in Christ has forever changed the world. We pray for America to have a great revival. Great Christian Revivals pt 2. Great Christian revivals have transformed the lives of people and nations. Revival means sinners see themselves from God's perspective and understand the awfulness and repugnance of Sin to a Holy God.

Revival brings eternity to mind as people see themselves in hell or by God's grace, heaven. In The Name of Jesus pt 2. Christians are punished in the military for having Christian beliefs. Col Leland Bohannon was denied promotion to General for his views on same sex marriage. Klingenschmitt said, "Religious freedom is the cause I would die for! Powerful Testimonies on Life pt 2. Killing babies is not just a political issue- it is a human rights issue. With a pro-life President, the abortion holocaust is close to ending.

Gianna Jessin , who survived an abortion, is a voice from God telling us that we're killing His babies. Dr Bernard Nathanson , author of The Hand of God , was the infamous abortionist who operated the largest abortion mill in the world, killing over 75, babies including his own son. He tells how they used words, like calling baby killing simply a woman's choice or reproductive hea;th, which helped make abortion legal.

It's called partial birth abortion, but it is really infanticide. God's Creative Genius. Christmas would not be Christmas without Christmas music. It's ironic that public schools censor out any music that mentions Jesus as Lord, yet the greatest musicians were Christians. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel Dr Patrick Kavenaugh , author of Devotions from the World of Music , and Raising Musical Kids, gives some fascinating details into the lives of the world's greatest composers and some great ideas how to help your child develop a love for good music.

What do you say when your little Mozart wants to quit his music lessons? As a teacher, Dr Robert Simonds was a bold witness for Christ and would begin class with a scripture on the board. The ACLU sued and took him to court. The Lord gave Dr Simonds a brilliant defense and even miraculously pressed the heads of the prosecution to their desks. Dr Simonds says, "If you stand up for Christ, He will do the rest. But the Lord again provided a powerful angelic defense.

Dr Simonds, founder of Citizens for Excellence in Education, is our mentor. Saving a Sick America. There's plenty of information but little transformation! People know what Jesus taught but not how He lived. He enjoyed life with dinners, debates and long walks with his disciples, yet He regularly got away to be alone in prayer. The dinner table is more than simply eating but fellowship and acceptance. Love changes atheists into followers of Christ.

UC Berkeley Library

To live as Jesus lived means to savor and enjoy life not just endure it. How can America get back to the ideas that made it the greatest Christian nation in history? Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory , gave says, "Colonial New England produced the most incredibly, well-educated generation of Founding Fathers who were not only brilliant but they were full of Godly Character.

John Qunicy Adams was an ambassador to Russia at age Without absolute values corruption and destruction are certain. Education: What's God's Opinion? How can we best explain who God is to a teenager? What's the main obstacle that keeps youth away from Faith in Christ? Legendary Josh McDowell , author of books, such as More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict and his newest Truth- Devotions for Teens, Connecting Life and Faith , says he was raped as a child, became agnostic, yet became one of the worlds great authors and debaters.

Josh did a study to discover how Justin Martyr turned his pagan culture to Christ and discovered keys to make Christianity relevant, inspirational, compelling and life changing for youth today. Great News for Americans part 2. He now predicts true conservatives will gain control in Congress and we will see the end of the Roe v Wade abortion holocaust and the national debt paid off. He says, "We are just beginning to witness a new conservative revolution. God is answering the prayers of His people!

War Against Islamic Jihad part 2. What does America represent to the world? Does America have a unique culture or is it just a melting pot? American Ideals in the War Against Islamic Jihad, says Islamic Jihad is contrary to our Constitutional freedoms, yet Islamists pose a serious threat with Sharia Law that would undermine our basic principals. The Founders gave individuals the greatest freedom in history by limiting government; in stark contrast to Islam Sharia Law's oppression by a few.

American is unique because of belief that Christ gave us freedom. Home School Genius part 2. How can you develop a genuine love for learning in your child? Carole Seid , an educational consultant said, "The single most effective tool in shaping a child's character is great literature. How can parents build genius in their children? Dr Raymond Moore , the grandfather of homeschooling, says statistical research of geniuses throughout the ages shows there are three common elements to producing genius.

Jesus said, "The greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity. Common Core , the new federal takeover of local schools through curriculum and tests, is causing parents to reconsider public schools. Alex Newman , co-author of Crimes of the Educators - How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children , says there has been a deliberate dumbing down of children by using a reading method that fails to teach reading, memorizing whole words instead of phonetics, to create illiterates dependent on the government.

Teaching immoral sex ed. The result is the transformation from Christian and capitalist, to socialist and totalitarian. Raising Boys To Succeed. What happens when the electrical grid is shut down? The results will be catastrophic. It's preventable, but our government is ignoring it, so we need to prepare ourselves. What can we do to be prepared? To Go To College or Not pt 2. Does a college degree mean you can get a better job than if you don't have the degree? College is vastly different today than in the past.

Students absolutely need to be trained if they are to have a chance to withstand the barrage of attacks. He says, "Going to college is no vacation but 4 years of brain and heart surgery. Why does God allow evil and suffering? Should Christians date non-Christians? Revising American History. Young people know less about Independence Day than any other holiday. Peter Marshall vividly describes the horrendous starving army at Valley Forge and the vision that gave them the courage to fight on against impossible odds.

Is God's vision for America still valid today? The Truth About Sharia. No generation has witnessed more fulfilled prophecy, since Christ, as this present generation. Yet many more prophecies are on the threshold of fulfillment. Iranian leaders believe the only way to bring the Caliphate into world dominion is to destroy Israel. He says, "An atomic Iran could do in 6 minutes what it took Hitler 6 years to do, kill 6 million Jews. A Better Way To Educate. Without trials we remain spiritual babies. Trials are designed by God to develop our faith.

Paul wasn't healed yet said, "I delight in weaknesses, hardships, persecutions For when I am weak, then I am strong. Schools used to teach values- right from wrong. But now there are no absolutes, that's considered too religious. It's up to each person to decide for themselves. How did this happen?

Psychologist Dr Bill Coulso n , along with Carl Rogers, introduced an experiment in the schools that led to a cultural paradigm shift that changed the teacher to a facilitator and switched absolutes for relative values. Dr Coulson says this has led to a disaster for our culture! Dr Coulson explains how his psychological experiment led to "situation ethics," inventive spelling, illiteracy, drug addiction, immorality, smoking, etc.

Universities Produce Liberals part 2. Top American universities are at war with Western Civilization, creating contempt for our culture in the minds of students. The influence of universities on our culture is profound. Anti-American universities have created generations that are not only ignorant but also opposed to our basic foundations. Stealth Invasion pt 2. America was the great melting pot as migrants came here to adapt to our language and culture.

But Leo Hohmann , author of Stealth Invasion - Muslim Conquest Through Immigration , says Muslims are legally invading this country, since they have no intention of assimilating but remaining separate to change America through high birthrates and conversion into Islam even using our public schools. Sharia Law is tyrannical and would eliminate all our freedoms! Muslim Student Associations have more chapters than the Democratic and Republican parties combined. Why is Islam being taught in our public schools? The greatest event in history is the death and Resurrection of its Creator- Jesus Christ!

Christ is still transforming people by giving them a glimpse of heaven. Eagles Soar Above the Storms pt 2. The majestic eagle is a symbol of strength and freedom. Just as opposing winds cause an eagle to soar higher, so adversity strengthens Godly people. So when adversity comes, don't let it get you down, let it push you up as you draw closer to God. Inspirational high school assembly speaker, Gary Horton , says the powerful, strong, father eagle is there waiting to catch the little eaglet as he tries to fly, just as God is there to catch us when we fall.

Did People Live Almost years? Was C. Lewis an evolutionist? At age 15, Lewis gave up his Christian faith to become an atheist. Professor Jerry Bergman , who teaches medical students anatomy and biology, is the author of C. Lewis -Anti-Darwinist. Lewis later became an ardent Creationist who called evolution "biolatry - a pure hallucination, that would result in society's rejection of absolutes.

Lewis debunked atheism based on evolution that masquerades as "science" saying it's pure fiction, an illusion of imagination. Why are public schools promoting Islam when Christianity gave us freedom and prosperity? Dr Bob Morey , an expert on Islam, and author of over 40 books, has two doctorates, says Muslims are planning a massive attack with a nuclear device in America to bring this nation under subjection to the barbaric Sharia Law.

How can we prevent and even defeat this coming Islamic invasion? Choice in Education part 2. Robert Enlow , of the Friedman Foundation , says a ground swell for choice has started. Since Christian schools do a better job for half the cost, why not give parents the choice? Milton Friedman says, "Choice doesn't take money from public schools but gives the money to schools that teach the kids.

Myron Lieberman , author of The Teacher's Unions , says, "Voucher money funds students to go to a religious school, just as food stamps help the poor, no matter what store. The Kindness Challenge part 2. We live in a divided culture that's become less kind and more abrasive and hostile whether at home, work or on the road. Kindness isn't some innovative new idea; it's a proven Biblical method to turn enemies into friends. Jesus told his followers to love one another, even love our enemies. After extensive research, Shaunti Feldhahn , author of The Kindness Challenge - Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship , gives specific steps that can make a huge difference in any relationship and give you more enjoyment in life, with greater peace and joy.

These kindness steps will enable people around you to enjoy you more. Killing babies is not just a political issues it is a human rights issue. Gianna Jessen , who survived an abortion, is a voice from God telling us that we're killing His babies. He tells how they used words, like calling baby killing simply a woman's choice or reproductive heath, which helped make abortion legal. Transforming Power of Christ part 2. How can God mature baby Christians?

How can we transform our culture unless Christ first transforms us? As evil gets worse God is raising up a people who passionately love Jesus and receive the fire of His Glory. Christmas Special part 2. What is God like? Was He the Creator? He was. God came to the earth He created in the smallest form possible, as a single cell. Film maker Bruce Marchiano , who acted the parts of Jesus in more films than any other, is the author of Jesus Yesterday, Today and Forever.

What was Jesus like as a child? What was it like for Mary, expecting Jesus to rule the world, to see Him crucified? Why did Jesus have so much supernatural joy? Ancient People Were Not Cavemen. As students get a socialist education they become socialists. But socialism only brings poverty. Cuban refugee turned successful business owner, Aurelio Barreto, founder of C28 Christian Stores and author of Not of This World , tells how socialism stole his family's wealth in Cuba.

Although he started with nothing in L. But many malls would not let a Christian store in because it was too "controversial. Aurelio says, "If I lost everything but still had Christ, I would have it all. Schools teach that Thanksgiving was a feast for racial harmony with Indians instead of Pilgrims giving thanks to God.

Red Solstice, an MIA's Hell, Lust, and Life

Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory , describes the first Thanksgiving when Pilgrims were starving with only 5 kernels of corn a day. Connie Ricks a 4th grade teacher reads the diary of a girl who came over on the Mayflower and the struggles they endured. Why did the Pilgrims come here? Peter Marshall says they came here to bring the gospel to the Indians. Vaughn Shatzer, author of The History of American , describes how Christianity was foundational for Law and education. Capitalism vs. With an increase in Muslim terrorism, why do Obama and Hillary want to increase Muslim immigration?

Wayne Root , author of Angry White Male - How the Donald Trump Phenomena is Changing America , was a classmate of Obama's and says they were taught by Marxist profs how to destroy the middle class and capitalism to create a socialist nation. The basics that made America great, love of God, country and capitalism, are threatened by radical powerful elites that hate America and want it to be another 3 rd world Marxist nation!

America was a model for the world as a Christian nation. But now our nation is on the verge of God's judgment. Why have pastors become silent on social and political issues? We have violated God's Word on these issues. It's not a matter of opinion but what God says in His Word on these issues.

Deliver Us From Evil part 2. Millions of Christian don't vote, then ask," What went wrong? For those who say, "You can't legislate morality," all laws are someone's morality. Laws against slavery, murder and theft are legislations of morality. The Republican Party platform is the most conservative in history, while the Democrat's is the most radical.

It's the difference between good and evil and morality and immorality. Matt Staver , of Liberty Council says, "If we make the wrong choice in this crucial election, our nation as we know it is gone.

Public Religious Pedagogy: Linking Public Theology, Social Theory and Educational Theory

Not Politically Correct part 2. Barna reports this shocking indictment: half of Christians don't vote. Some say they don't like either candidate for President so they refuse to vote. Pastor and candidate for US Senate, Bishop Jackson , says, "This election is not a personality contest but a choice for the kind of government we want.

Do we want socialism or capitalism? For those who disdain politics, ask God if He cares about babies slaughtered, or immorality and corruption in government? Does He care about religious freedom? Then God cares about politics. Not voting is a sin, James We are giving away the country that God gave us. For Such a Time As This part 2. Pastor Rick Scarborough , author of Enough is Enough and President of Vision America , was so shocked at the graphic AIDS assembly at his local high school, he motivated his congregation to get involved.

People from his church got motivated to elect Christians. Charles Finney said, "God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics. Democrat leadership has brought open homosexuality into the military, and has made a perilous "deal" with the Iran to get an atomic bomb that could destroy us. Serious Threat to Religious Freedom part 2. Christians are given a choice; renounce their beliefs or face state persecution and bankruptcy. SB is a mandate for Christian colleges to accept homosexual professors or be sued for discrimination.

This would allow students to sue their school for Biblical beliefs. Since the nation's textbooks are written for Cal standards, textbooks will glorify homosexuals, legitimize same sex marriage, allow nude boys into girl's lockers, and portray Christians as bigots. The War on The American People. Chris took on 4 Klansmen at night during a KKK meeting.

Better Health Naturally. With all the amazing medical advances, why is heart disease still the 1 killer in America; killing more than all cancers? Is it possible to reverse heart disease? Ted Broer is a nationally recognized nutritionist, with over 3 decades in private practice, appearing on hundreds of radio and TV shows and is the author of Breakthrough Health. Ted tells how calcium can cause plaque build up in arteries. He says avoid tablets since most have calcium as binders. Ted warns about the dangers of vaccinations, testosterone and statins.

Courage in the Classroom. Common core, the Federal take over of local education, is a massive experiment with the lives of our children and the future of our nation. Common Core changes education from imparting knowledge to social change and socialism. Invading Girls Bathrooms pt 2. Americans fought a Revolutionary War to get rid of a king. Will we have another, "American" king, now rule over us? Obama has issued an "edict"- a letter to every public school in the nation, threatening to withhold funds if they don't allow boys transgendered in the girls' bathrooms and showers.

Phyllis Schlafly , President of Eagle Forum , says there are only two sexes even though the UC application has 5 genders listed as "gender identity," i. What Is Behind Islam part 2. Are public schools being used to evangelize students into Islam? Sixth graders were taken on a field trip to a mosque and some of the boys got on their knees, bowed down and prayed to Allah. The video is on our website. Chaplain and educator, Austin Miles , tells how public schools across the nation, through textbooks and classes, promote Islam and denigrate Christianity.

A former PLO terrorist, Kamal Saleem , came to this country to recruit students into Jihad but instead was converted by a supernatural encounter with Christ. Ironically he boldly goes into Mosques to convert Muslims to Christ. Public Schools Aren't Free part 2.

Schools do more than simply teach academics. They disciple students away from Christianity and into secular disciples. Brad Heath , author of Millstones and Stumbling Blocks , wrote, "Evangelicals are notorious for fighting symptoms while perpetuating root causes. Chesterton wrote, "Education isn't just a subject but a way of life.

Freedom is not free but purchased at great cost. Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices that paid for our freedoms. Gary Horton , a motivational school assembly speaker, was an Army Ranger who fought for our freedoms, yet he's not given the freedom to speak about his Christian faith in public schools.

Schools have re-written our history, banned the flag, and banned the motto and the pledge. Christians have accepted the lie that we must deny our faith in public and deny the basis of where our freedoms came from- Biblical Christianity.