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Growing times in the faith. Marriage vows. The joys of raising children. A bittersweet visit with an aging grandparent. And much more. Join Jerry in his reminiscences. And let him encourage you to rekindle your own, as well as to make wonderful future memories by living your life and cultivating your relationships with new vitality. Product Details About the Author. About the Author. Jerry B. Jenkins, the former vice president for publishing and current chairman of the board of trustees for the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, is the author of more than books, including the Left Behind series, with Tim LaHaye.

Jenkins's writing has appeared in Time, Reader's Digest, Parade, Guideposts, and dozens of Christian periodicals, and he is a contributing editor to Writer's Digest magazine.

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Jenkins and his wife, Dianna, live in Colorado Springs. You can visit his website at JerryJenkins. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The fifth of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series. These suspenseful stories of mystery, None of the clues seem to go together. She is the only one who can piece together what actually did happen to Wyatt Oliver and clear her name.

They were not friends, and he turns up dead after a period that the two had spent not talking to each other. Jennifer thinks foul play after he sends a rather cryptic note to his supposed enemy. All of this make the case bizarre. She must decipher the notes if she is to figure out what happened to Bobby and his girlfriend. They just ruled the death of Samantha Stanton a suicide. This was a woman that was happily married, and managed a travel agency that was doing very well.

Jennifer looks into the case. She looks into the travel agency and tries to find out about the meetings about self-euthanasia. Jennifer will not stop until she figures out what actually happened to Samantha.

The Jennifer Grey Mysteries Series

Natalia and Sergei are both alone in a strange new country they have recently decided to call their own. The two young Russian defectors have gone missing, and have started insisting that Jennifer Grey be at all the meetings that they have with the authorities. Jennifer is writing her syndicated column on her wedding day, something she never thought she would be doing. She is also kidnapped, another thing she never thought would happen. On her wedding day, or otherwise.

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The four kidnappers who are also hostile terrorists want national attention for what they are doing and what they believe in. Did she put enough clues in the column she was forced to write at gunpoint to tell people where she is and what happened to her? Some readers enjoyed the stories, but felt that there should have been more of them. They enjoyed the character development, and they felt like throughout reading the stories, they were able to get to know Jennifer.

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They also felt like they cheered her on as she solved each and every one of her mysteries. These suspenseful stories of mystery, romance and intrigue have become favorites of hundreds of thousands of loyal readers. Follow the relationship of Philip and Margo, who meet as young adults View Product. The eleventh of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series. Samantha Stanton is thrilled with life. She manages a thriving travel agency, and her marriage She manages a thriving travel agency, and her marriage is good.

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Then Jennifer starts to dig. What is going on with the Jennifer Grey loves her job as a police-beat reporter for the Chicago Daily. But she But she also loves police officer James Purcell. When he is arrested for drug trafficking, Jennifer is shocked.

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Has Jim betrayed her and their growing love, or The second of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series. The eighth of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series.

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The twelfth of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series. The ninth of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series.

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