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If the problem persists contact Find A Grave. The museum has outgrown its present space. We have a veritable treasure trove of items that were either used or donated by Fox Island and the Peninsula area residents. Also included in the addition will be a hands-on children's museum, complete with activities for all of our smaller guests.

We need your ideas, your suggestions, and your tax-deductible donations.

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For more information, call George Miller conducted a historical beach walk for the year picnic for the Chapel on Echo Bay , in September, The Chapel on Echo Bay. Arrangements for special tours can be arranged by calling Karen Kretschmer at The Historical Society Newsletter is now online! It is published on an as-needed basis, and is also available online on our newsletter page.

Visit the new Fox Island Museum Website. Clothing for men, women, and children along with hats, visors, tote bags, mugs, maps, note cards, books, and more are available for sale in the Museum Store. A reminiscence of growing up on Fox Island during the 's. Wight Paperback, pages Second edition - An autobiographical account of early days on Fox Island. Paperback, pages, You are visitor to this page since June 11, FoxIsland WA.

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If you have questions or comments about this website, please contact the Webmaster. Quick Links. Fox Island News. Island Events. Fox Island Places. Island Marketplace.

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In a bald eagle was observed escorting a golden eagle out of its territory on Santa Rosa Island. Newly released bald eagles were also seen chasing golden eagles off of a carcass provided for them.

Historical evidence and studies have shown that the natural bald eagle food sources are marine fishes, seabirds and pinniped carcasses, suggesting that bald eagles pose little threat to the island fox. In , the first known nesting attempts occurred in the northern Channel Islands. As of there are over 50 bald eagles on the California Channel Islands and over 30 known eagles on the northern Channel Islands.

Encouraging Native Plants Island foxes evolved in an environment thick with native shrubs that later dwindled after the introduction of livestock grazing. Without shrubs for hiding cover, the foxes were especially easy for the golden eagles to catch. Today, the removal of nonnative grazers is showing astonishing results. Lush shrubs and wildflowers are coming back. Restoring the island's vegetation benefits the foxes and all native wildlife. An Ecosystem Solution Without the ecosystem-level changes of pig removal and bald eagle restoration, fox recovery was not assured.

That those two ecosystem level actions were implemented in conjunction with island fox recovery actions was fortuitous. The two actions had been planned and funded separately from island fox recovery, but the value of those planned actions to island fox conservation was recognized when the complicated relationship among foxes, pigs, and eagles became apparent.