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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Beier and P. Ocobock eds Social History 35, 4, pp. Jeremy Martens. Ocobock eds. The chapter meticulously examines writings and projects on the optimization of the species and related biological processes and argues that they operated through the instrumental modernization of the family.

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Nassirism was no rupture in the previous socio-political order, but rather one that built upon the historical process and structures that preceded it. It continued an older social welfare mode of regulation in the management of the population, rural space and national economy. The chapter discusses totalizing state projects that intervened in the health, wealth and welfare of the population.

The Great Social Laboratory is a brilliant study of the tension between colonialist and nationalist writings, and it expands the terrain of the social sciences to include writings and practices produced within this tension. This collection of essays makes an important contribution to the historical literature on vagrancy, and it deserves to be read widely.

Its main strength is its temporal and geographical range, for while much of the existing scholarship on vagrancy focuses on particular regions or time periods, this book provides the reader with thirteen case studies spanning seven centuries and five continents. Cast Out is also a testament to interdisciplinary research and collaboration, with chapters written by a literary scholar and two anthropologists included alongside the ten chapters produced by historians.

Several chapters also pay special attention to the meanings and definitions of vagrancy and the historical contingency of these discourses. It begins with a discussion of poverty and charity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa prior to the fourteenth century, before exploring developments in medieval and early modern Europe that saw poverty defined in increasingly negative terms and the invention of vagrancy as a problem which needed to be solved through a combination of charity and repression.

The remainder of the introduction is devoted to a well-informed and succinct analysis of nineteenth- and twentieth-century developments in Europe and its colonial territories, as well as in the Americas and Asia. Beier follows with a revisionist analysis of the evolution of labour legislation in England between and , arguing that these laws were designed to enforce compulsory labour and that they were instrumental in creating a disciplined and regulated labour force. The nineteenth-century British Empire is well covered in this collection. David Arnold follows with a chapter on famine, poverty and welfare in British India.

In his essay on nineteenth-century Mauritius, Richard B. In an essay on official responses to vagrancy in Rio de Janeiro, Thomas H. Holloway describes how discursive perspectives on begging were transformed into administrative action in the nineteenth century. Vagabondage in tsarist Russia is the subject of Andrew A. He argues that the issue of vagabondage brodiazhestvo was used by various sections of the Russian populace to advance particular interests.

Finally, certain writers mythologized vagabondage and identified it as symptomatic of a disintegrating society. Selinsgrove [Pa. Rosso, and Christopher Z. Townsend ; consultant editor, Robin Hamlyn. A descriptive catalogue of the London traders, tavern, and coffee-house tokens current in the seventeenth century; presented to the Corporation Library by Henry Benjamin Hanbury Beaufoy. By Jacob Henry Burn. Burnim, and Edward A.

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Highfill ; Kalman A. Langhans Siddons to Thynne. Esther Harding.

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York Beach, Me. Langhans 5. Eagan to Garrett. Murphy and Deirdre Raftery. Bloom ; with an introduction and notes by Vivien Jones. Langhans 6. Garrick to Gyngell. London memories, by St. John Adcock.

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With illustrations by Frederick Adcock. Houndsmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, U. San Diego, Calif. The charities of London, ; the aspirations and the achievements of the urban society, by W.

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Bohls and Ian Duncan ; with an introduction by Elizabeth A. Patke and Lars Jensen. West and Parvathi Raman. London labour and the London poor : a cyclopaedia of the condition and earnings of those that will work, those that cannot work, and those that will not work.

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Yeats ; with a new introduction by Tom Paulin. Madison, N. Zazhurilo, L. Kuzmina, G. Obatnina i P. Frankfurt am Main : Selbstverl. Matthias Marschik; Hrsg. Otto Penz; Hrsg. Georg Spitaler. Werte, Familie, Politik, Gewalt--was bewegt die Jugend? Aus dem Amerikan. Kunst und Spiel seit Dada : faites vos jeux! Matt; Beitr. Berlin West! The international reception of T. Gerth and C. Wright Mills with a new preface by Bryan S. Smith and Enid Wistrich. The waste land; a facsimile and transcript of the original drafts, including the annotations of Ezra Pound.

Edited by Valerie Eliot. Dent, Janette Irving Heck. Ezra Pound : poet : a portrait of the man and his work. David Moody. Ahmed and Hastings Donnan. Dowd and Julie A. Gender, desire, and sexuality in T. Mark Amen, Kevin Archer, and M. Martin Bosman. Staeheli, Eleonore Kofman, Linda Peake.

Knox and Peter J. Joseph and Janet Wilson. Fehler ; series editor, Renata Dmowska. Cuff and Andrew S. Bhalla and Peter McCormick.