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Jazz up kids' lunches or your holiday table with these fun food ideas for creative and colorful sandwiches, pancakes, snacks and sweets. Pre-made cookies, candies and chocolates—and even marshmallow Peeps!—make an easy and effective topper for cakes. Send your kids off to class.

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Middle of the night c alls were never good, were they? I must say you are not very observant of your surroundings. Today you wore a trench coat and carried a blue plaid umbrella. I waited for more but was met with a silence even more terrifying than the voice had been. I kept listening, waiting for him to speak.

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My eyes popped open, and I groped for a plausible reason I should be awake at a. Damn Ambien! I slipped my iPhone into the pocket of my robe and followed my little dog to the French doors that led from my living room to the backyard. I let her out but not before scanning the yard. I gave her a few minutes to take care of business and walked back to my bathroom to brush my teeth. But when I returned to the French doors, she was nowhere to be seen. My dog was out of sight, but I could hear her angry barking somewhere beyond the grassy knoll adjacent to the pool.

I stepped out onto the patio and called her name. I walked past the pool and noticed Minnie was sitting at the chain link fence looking down at the wooded arroyo beneath the house, barking ferociously.

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As I approached her, I looked over the chain link fence and saw a man in a black jacket staring up at us. Once I was safely inside although still shaken, I poured my usual cup of coffee. Trying to pull myself together, I walked into the living room and picked up the remote to turn on the television.

As I sat down, I sipped my coffee and pulled out my phone. The first message was from my youngest son,. Sorry to have woken you last night but I needed to get your attention. You may be biting off more than you can handle.

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Not everyone is as they appear to be. Hands clammy, I clicked off the television, got up and rushed through my morning routine.

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I ran a brush through my short blonde hair and headed straight to the walk-in closet and grabbed what I saw first: a pair of black pants, white tee shirt, and black sweater. I dressed quickly and slipped my feet into a pair of black flats. As I raced down the hall to the kitchen, I stopped to turn off the coffee pot, and as I did so, my phone rang.

A smile graced your lips. You could hear him smirk in response. To see the sunset, I guess. And to see you.

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You had absolutely inhaled your food just so you could get out early and have a walk. Nothing settled you more then seeing the sun dip through the clouds and retire for the day. Playfully, the blonde pulled at your wrist, twirling your bod. Alternative title: If you burn, would you scream?

Uta is drawing a mask in his sketch. You sneak till you are behind him and lean to whisper in your ear, "Uta, are you finished with the designs yet? Thankfully its the final time. Make sure your shop is closed. Break Your Little Heart 2p! The transferee from? Featured in groups See All. Part twoof the fourth chapter of my Girls und Panzer femdom series "Glory to Pravda". Can't believe this is going to turn into a three part chapter.

Having too much fun writing the harder stuff, I guess. Hasn't even gotten as heavy as I expected it to. Link to Part 1 Warning.

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  7. If you don't like that, maybe just stick with this one. If that's not your style, you might want to move on.

    Alina Said, Call Me Maybe

    I was a scrawny kid who was getting shit from older boys. I growled, anger bubbling up. It needed an outlet, and for some reason, the couple in front of me was what my target locked onto. Like everyone heard, and everything went silent.

    His dark eyes were set and cold. I shivered. What the hell had I done? I was beyond trembling. My eyes bulged out and I thought I should maybe run, just make it harder for him to come and kill me. As she turned to leave, she saw me, mouth gaping and all, and she grinned. Was that a little wink? I was so screwed. Share on:. Dusk to Dawn — An Excerpt The guy was mesmerizing, and, if pressed to admit it, they made a cute couple.

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